Panasonic Bread Maker

An up close with a machine that makes decent breads, Panasonic Bread Maker. Its a must-have for bread lovers as you will know what your bread contains if you make them by yourself. Panasonic Bread Maker is quiet, small and has the compartment for nuts and yeast dispenser.

 photo 20141213_144958_zps45955bae.jpg

Kneading the dough by hand can be painful, but Panasonic Break Maker has the capability to get that done without needing you to knead with your own bare hands.

 photo 20141213_151350_zpsb4b02219.jpg

The machine makes baking easy for you. With Panasonic Bread Maker, muar chee can be made too!

 photo 20141213_154119_zpsdd4de33d.jpg photo 20141213_160805_zps2d0a2200.jpg

The automatic ingredient dispenser allows you to place yeast, fruits or nuts before starting the process and have it incorporated in the dough automatically.

Tuna buns anyone? photo 20141213_162157_zps63b0c6e9.jpg photo 20141213_162619_zps8687d2ec.jpg photo 20141213_164408_zpsa55bef68.jpg

Papaya milkshake, prepared with Panasonic blender 😉 photo 20141213_151125_zps3f35d3fc.jpg

Nothing beats fresh, warm bread for breakfast! photo 20141213_165343_zps8ef5b27d.jpg

Dough makes to perfection with Panasonic Bread Maker. Get one now at $329.

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