Batam, Indonesia

Well, I’m going thru some tough times. Being emotionally affected, I decided to take a stroll at Batam, a little island in Indonesia, located not too far away at an approximate of 40 minutes ferry ride from Singapore.

 photo 20141102_092647_zps5f174abd.jpg photo IMG_20141102_4_zpsfa90700f.jpg

 photo 20141102_115314_zpsab587a0a.jpg

Upon arriving at the jetty, I hunt for a driver to bring us around. It costs us SGD $110 (for 2 pax) to have a day ride around Batam and he brought us to those main spots in Batam.

To my surprise, there are actually quite a number of temples in Batam which we kinda ended up doing a few temple hopping. photo IMG_20141102_3_zps5c191aad.jpg photo 20141102_105706_zpsfc389885.jpg photo IMG_20141102_31_zpsfb25fea5.jpg photo 20141102_110032_zpsefb430bf.jpg photo 20141102_110053_zpsdb6ddbcf.jpg photo 20141102_110119_zpsab8a3725.jpg

The Barelang Bridge! photo 20141102_115418_zps61cbebdf.jpg

As usual, there will be a lot of “photographers” (locals with huge ass DSLR taking a photo for you with the Barelang Bridge on the background) then got them printed in a huge ass A4 sized photograph and charged you at a certain tourist price. Then, I spotted their printing station which kinda amaze me. photo 20141102_115513_zpsd8f71e1f.jpg

Instead of paying the “photographers”, my Samsung Note 3 works pretty well too! photo IMG_20141102_28_zps9def453b.jpg

Their “ketam bakar” is huge! photo 20141102_115722_zpsd20f8c1c.jpg photo 20141102_115559_zpse6bd921d.jpg

… being a huge fan of satay, I do thought of giving this a try. photo 20141102_115634_zps55c32a44.jpg photo 20141102_115741_zps8c221e01.jpg

… quenching thirst with my all time favourite teh botol! Its in a kotak but the brand itself is Teh Botol! Must try! photo IMG_20141102_15_zpsfb5acd5a.jpg photo IMG_20141102_11_zps42551a94.jpg

Stumbled upon an abandoned church, not sure if it is but it does look like one. photo IMG_20141102_16_zps4076ec5f.jpg photo IMG_20141102_20_zpsa806b08e.jpg

Vietnam Camp in the middle of Indonesia. photo IMG_20141102_5_zps64634c8f.jpg

Pantai Melayu photo IMG_20141102_7_zpsb81742b0.jpg photo IMG_20141102_2_zps982ee301.jpg photo IMG_20141102_17_zps32c30396.jpg photo IMG_20141102_18_zpsf3fdc775.jpg photo IMG_20141102_22_zpsabe7bb2c.jpg

KuanYin Temple photo IMG_20141102_21_zpsd645c7bb.jpg

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