[JOHOR] Penang Road Teochew Chendul

Never thought I can be so close. Its a weekend thing when I decided to visit a dear friend in Johor until we saw Penang Road Teochew Chendul at City Square, JB!

 photo 20140706_195025_zps919e5ca5.jpg photo 20140706_190845_zps9acfdc7f.jpg


Taste as good just that my favourite ginger torch is not enough. Should have asked for more! photo IMG-20140706-WA0025_zps62e5a269.jpg

 That priceless happy face salivating looking at the Assam Laksa (RM7.90), can’t wait to feast! photo IMG-20140706-WA0027_zpsfa6b47a2.jpg photo IMG-20140706-WA0017_zpse63798d3.jpg

The southern partner in crimes 😀 Thanks for an awesome Sunday! photo IMG-20140706-WA0018_zps6baa5d11.jpg

… and we were on our 10-month-due date 😉 photo IMG-20140706-WA0024_zps14ec90b4.jpg

So fellow Penangites who are living in the South, fret no more! We can have our Penang Road assam laksa and chendul at JB and the best part is paying in RM 😀

 photo 20140706_191903_zps8d2c7d99.jpg


Most important information would be the address (per stated below):

City Square Johor Bahru
Lot MF-19A, Level 3

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