Kim Curry Penang White Curry Mee

The hype about Penang White Curry Mee has somewhat invaded Singapore. I have seen people stocking up and what I meant by stocking up is buying a few cartons and check-in the entire box when they return to Singapore. Sounds scary eh.

Kim Curry is one of the brands which produces the traditional Penang White Curry Mee. Its instant and ready in 3 minutes. photo 20140604_213525_zpse8361855.jpg

It comes with two small packs, a pack of chilli paste and a pack of seasoning. photo 20140604_213757_zpsb422639c.jpg

I then had the noodles cooked and drained them right after before I put them with the curry soup.

 photo 20140604_214103_zps4825095e.jpg photo 20140608_124929_zpse7165eef.jpg

I feel that Kim Curry Penang White Curry Mee, isn’t that oily compared to other brands. photo 20140604_214346_zps1e26576f.jpg

Tadaaa … the not-talented-chef has got a bowl of Penang White Curry Mee ready for dinner. photo 20140604_215102_zpscda2905f.jpg

Picture of the bowl of White Curry Mee is serve for 1 pax. You may want to add some fishballs or meat per your preference. photo 20140604_215113_zps8af6fb5b.jpg

I personally think that it is not that spicy and due to that I was able to taste originality of the white curry soup. When food served is overly spicy, it will overcome the original taste of the food. Hence, I like it this way as I was able to taste both, the originality of white curry as well as the spiciness.

 photo IMG_20140608_1_zps955f9200.jpg

Fast, easy and delicious meal, taste like home! Yup, highly recommended to those who are working or studying abroad 😉

 photo PhotoGrid_1401890475661_zps67f45211.jpg

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