[SINGAPORE] Taipan Night at TongKang Riverboat Dining


Tongkang was a form of transportation back in the olden days, a light wooden boat which was used to travel from one place to another. Now, you can hardly find this but they do still exist in a more laid back country.

Such beauty has now converted into something more interesting when its being parked in a city. One of a kind, floating bar and restaurant which is very much alive at night.

 photo IMG_20140424_4_zps799a10f9.png

TongKang Riverboat Dining caters for corporate events, private parties, walk-ins and bookings as well. Just climb aboard and dine on the water. Sounds pretty exotic ain’t it!

 photo 20140423_191823_zpse59e103b.jpg

I was invited over for the Taipan Night, a night when TongKang Riverboat Dining launches their eight signature cocktails with a taste of old Shanghai, whilst having the music of 1920s Shanghai on the background.

There were variety of food served on the glamorous night with ladies dressed in Cheongsam, (a traditional Chinese wear back in the old days) which blends in complete well with the ambiance on the tongkang.

 photo IMG_20140424_2_zpsdc05abfd.png photo IMG_20140424_3_zps39f4431e.png

The eight newly launched signature cocktails mainly consists of the below awesome mixes.

: photo 20140423_193056_zps15b502fa.jpg

Four different brands into eight different tastes. photo 20140423_200527_zps12d82367.jpg

… and this is how they are served …

Elderflower Collins.
 photo 20140423_192455_zps3d6a6230.jpg

Captain Coke.
 photo 20140423_192543_zpsb56ea256.jpg

The Taipan Night was also furnished with

 A sneak peek at the restaurant by the river.  photo 20140423_204228_zps5f38fe1f.jpg

Alongside with the launch of the cocktails, I was given a chance to mix-like-a-pro. Well, mixing beverages is an art. It was a guided session, furnished a drink on my preference with the available beverages.

 photo IMG_20140423_2_zps8ba42047.png

This it is. The outcome from my self designed art garnished with a slice of pineapple.  photo IMG_20140424_1_zps2e31e4a1.png

Great night with awesome Chinese cuisine on the river.
 photo 20140423_204122_zps422a4814.jpg

Add: 3D River Valley Road #01-06 Clarke Quay, Singapore, Singapore 179023
Opening Hours: 12pm-2.30pm, 6pm-1am

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3 Responses to [SINGAPORE] Taipan Night at TongKang Riverboat Dining

  1. Wendy says:

    Looks like a pro mixer. Wonder how does the food taste like at the restaurants itself.

  2. suzee says:

    The idea of dining on a tongkang is absolutely fine. Does reminisce on the olden days. Pretty classic. By any chance if you get to try the food at the restaurant?

  3. L says:

    That’s nice! I hope you will write and intro more F&B places so that we have places to visit 😀

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