Its always good to be back home again. Its crazy how the prices of the budget airlines hike up during festive seasons. Hence, I decided to catch a night bus home. Yes, an 8 hours ride all the way back to Penang from Singapore. Speaking of which, I nearlyyyy miss my bus!

The morning itself when I got home, grabbed a shower and off I headed out for breakfast. And yes, you will never die of starvation in Penang unless you are waiting for a friend.

… and hence, the first stop that crossed my mind was Sri Weld’s Nasi Lemak!


Not a huge portion and each cost RM1.50. Usually, I’ll purchase 2 packets just to ease my cravings! 🙂


The cool breeze in the morning on this island is something I miss most. Welcome home, to those who had successfully beat the jam 🙂

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