Sentosa Villa, Taiping

Sometimes, people like me who backpacks around, won’t be able to notice the beauty of our own land. Oh, yes and I am not ashamed to admit this humble fact. I can tell I have not been to Taiping for many donkey years but when I return here for a visit, I return for something good 🙂

… a place called … Sentosa Villa … located not too far from the Taiping Lake Garden. photo DSC_0553_zps0d1afa4d.jpg

Peaceful and serene. Never thought that I would find this place right? Seriously, for those who are in need of some lone time or to stay away from the concrete jungle, well, its time to hit the real thing!

 photo DSC_0560_zps2b253f2f.jpg

Anyway, it has been a while I have not been out of town with the person I grew up with. So, I would just take this opportunity to spend some great times with her before I leave. photo DSC_0568_zps1bd42b8a.jpg

This trip was such a great one, so happen it was just the last weekend I have in Penang or be it Taiping.

 photo DSC_0569_zps43797dbd.jpg

I always love riding, but I do not have a bike license 🙁 photo DSC_0617_zpsdab22064.jpg

Hence, I shall walk you thru Sentosa Villa through my eyes 😉 photo DSC_0563_zps5f1681ef.jpg

Pretty ain’t it? How often do you get to stay away from the hustle bustle of the city life. Well, this is where I stayed. photo DSC_0636_zps14cd3e11.jpg

When your stomach growls, well this is the place to go. photo DSC_0586_zps0d7dfbe3.jpg photo DSC_0587_zpsd3ce9450.jpg

Great lunch prepared.

 photo DSC_0588_zps95124502.jpg photo DSC_0727_zpsda89b659.jpg photo DSC_0580_zps98b91461.jpg

By the way, check out my awesome room, want? 😛 Its a Family Villa!

The view from the top, or some call it as attic. photo IMG_0295_zps86da3ef1.jpg photo IMG_0294_zps6fcc11f2.jpg

… and I definitely got fascinated by the bathroom!! The were rainshower and its open air! Shower while I have the sky and maybe some birds peeping thru 😀 photo IMG_0298_zpsff34ad2d.jpg

The awesome #lonetime I had at Sentosa Villa 😀 photo IMG_0342_zpsb2d1f3e4.jpg

Well aside from the awesome bathroom, there’s also a mini fridge for you to chill your drinks or beverages, a hair dryer, an electrical kettle and of course a television with Astro! But all those isn’t important anymore when all you wanna do is just to be lazy! 😀 Free Wifi is available at the common area, yup, you’re not separated from the virtual world yet.

Anyway, if you are wondering, this Family Villa fits 4 pax with 1 King Size Bed with 2 Single Beds priced at RM318 (low), RM358 (shoulder) and RM398 (peak) respectively.

*Low: Sun-Thurs , *Shoulder: Fri, Sat, School Holidays, *Peak: Public Holiday Eve, Public Holiday

Add: Jalan 8, Taman Sentosa, 34000, Taiping, Malaysia
Tel: +605-8051000 , +60135931000
Fax: +605-8051001

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    how much is the rate?

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