New York Pizza & Burger Time

So previously, I have been to New York Pizza located at Sungai Dua. Now, as you can see, they are growing!

 photo DSC_0595_zpsd6ada265.jpg

While everyone else is busy, I was the usual me, doing the camwhoring around and this is with him!

 photo IMG_8828_zpsfe372e88.jpg photo IMG_8829_zpsab9ec996.jpg

Charcoal bun! Broadway- RM9.90

 photo DSC_0597_zps803ab9f4.jpg

QueensII- RM12.90

 photo DSC_0598_zps6eee43ac.jpg

There’s beef and chicken patty in this photo DSC_0599_zpsbd57b11f.jpg

The whole load of foodies in the house, yo! photo IMG_8833_zpsd93f250e.jpg photo IMG_8835_zps6ef2e026.jpg

with sunny side up! Yellow Cab- RM12.90 photo DSC_0600_zpse01e0bac.jpg

Big Apple- RM14.90 photo DSC_0601_zps4a1d7551.jpg

Brooklyn Brawl- RM15.90 photo DSC_0602_zps3629b2f2.jpg

Little Mermaid photo DSC_0603_zpsb9bab38e.jpg

Chicken Skewer- RM13.90 photo DSC_0604_zps1d43d633.jpg

 photo DSC_0605_zps252e08ec.jpg

 photo IMG_8838_zps96d760cf.jpg

That’s Henry!

 photo IMG_8840_zpsd78b3abe.jpg

Sorry, I might have too much on my plate but screw it! photo IMG_8841_zpsb2b6c567.jpg

Check out the thickness of the patty! photo DSC_0607_zpsa71d601d.jpg

Carbonara Seafood- RM12.90 photo DSC_0608_zpsb6a49a47.jpg

Lasagna Chicken- RM12.90 photo DSC_0611_zps8fe1fc66.jpg

 photo DSC_0612_zps3bda98f9.jpg

 photo IMG_8846_zps03c97936.jpg

NY Signature (Charcoal Pizza) photo DSC_0613_zps7615ba9a.jpg photo DSC_0614_zpsd43ca850.jpg

Chicken Calzone- RM20.90 photo DSC_0615_zpsafdfd8e4.jpg photo DSC_0617_zpsca230c5f.jpg

 photo DSC_0618_zpsc0bf734b.jpg

Chilli Wings- RM5.60 (S), RM10.50 (L) photo DSC_0619_zpsb1ceb9d2.jpg

Sweet Thai Wings- RM5.60 (S), RM10.50 (L) photo DSC_0620_zps26b97b03.jpg

BBQ Wings- RM5.60 (S), RM10.50 (L) photo DSC_0621_zps02f37ec0.jpg

Tabasco can’t go wrong 🙂  photo photo1_zps7fdfa8a4.jpg

 photo photo2_zpsba2ff044.jpg

How to Order?

First step we need to select the size of the pizza either Personal size which is 6″, Regular size which is 9″ and Large size which is 12″.
Secondly, choose the type of crust we like either thin or orginial crust. I’m fine with both types but usually I’ll get the original crust.
Lastly, pick the type of pizza we like. For additional toppings, add RM1 for Personal pizza, RM2 for Regular pizza and RM3 for Large pizza.
For those Charcoal fan, there is also Charcoal Pizza for selection! Just add additional RM2 and Charcoal Pizza will comes your way.

New York Burger has opened up to 3 branches as of today. The service is fast and friendly with full variations of burgers and pizzas.

This restaurant welcome walk-ins and also provide free delivery service. Making proper burgers to cure the burgers temptation can be tricky to replicate at home unless you have a good cheft at home to feel those American cuts with professional extraction system. But why do we want to go through all the hassle in making American burgers when New York Burgers is able to offer these privillege to you?!

New York Burger is delivering a massive thwack of burgers satisfaction to Penangites in town. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t resist on the offered of tasty burgers.

New York Burger & Pizza (3 Penang Outlets)


723Z-G, Vanda Business Park, Yellow House,
Jalan Sungai Dua, Sungai Dua, 11700, Penang.
Contact: 04-655 2626

16, Jalan Irrawadi, Georgetown
10050 Penang.
COntact: 04-227 2626

5, Union Street, 10200 Penang.
Contact: 04- 264 2626

Business Hours:
11am – 10pm daily
FB Page:

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