Greetings from the Lion City

I always deny that I am being pampered, not overly pampered but good enough for being taken care of very well. This fact did not hit me until I left. I’m here for the fourth week now, slowly getting used to a lot of walking and taking the public transport. A couple of years back, I remember saying I will not leave Penang for I have everything on that little island. A few years later, (maybe I grew wiser or I just don’t know what has gotten into me), I decided to move to Singapore. Yea, you may laugh all you want. The idea of starting from the scratch haunts me since the confirmation and that was a freaking two months of falling into deep thoughts and mix feelings. Not easy at all I can tell but I thank God for giving me strength and embed me with positive vibes, else I don’t think I am able to survive this change for staying miles away from the love ones and all my good friends. I am striving hard each day and stepping into the office, which feels like another strange world to me. I miss the bonding between my ex colleagues and I. Here, I am slowly adapting and trying real hard to overcome loneliness and emptiness. I hope this is not or not even near depression. Just maybe the fact that I never spend so much of lone time with myself.

 photo DSC_0878_zps404ed329.jpg

This year, I do not get to celebrate my mum’s birthday (on her actual day). All I could do was to ring her up to wish her. Being me, I love throwing surprises, sweet surprises I mean and I decided to get her return flights to Singapore 🙂 Flying her over excites her and myself. I have someone with me for five days also, spending quality time and celebrating her belated birthday … and I believe she enjoyed this trip 🙂 photo DSC_0879_zpsf6cf53a9.jpg photo DSC_0877_zpsa3de6cfa.jpg photo DSC_0883_zps67992d90.jpg

#IceCreams are some of the thing am missing and it does bring back memories each time I see McD’s sundae. Sometimes, there are things which you can’t put them into words. Not that you do not know what but just don’t know how. Sometimes, I miss the company, but again, I am not sure if its worth looking back anymore.

 photo DSC_0884_zps5b42b4ca.jpg

As if I know where to visit but the must-visit would be the Merlion Park. photo DSC_0874_zps065505db.jpg

Overseeing Clarke Quay! photo DSC_0861_zpsa2c464a0.jpg

The inseparable gadget and I. photo DSC_0856_zps92a76830.jpg

#Street art photo DSC_0859_zps1a70cdfa.jpg

#colours photo DSC_0885_zps25d6269f.jpg photo DSC_0882_zps29553fba.jpg photo 1386000_10151936466378308_2080291869_n_zps00e29e9c.jpg

Many people told me, I looks happy here. There is nothing much I can do after the decision being made. All I can do now is to make what I have now more interesting. Deep inside me, I miss every little thing I had back then. You know, the feeling of seeing my mum at the airport is way priceless compared to seeing her after work daily. There are many things out there that you do not appreciate until distance tells you.

 photo DSC_0849_zps5e3b1cf0.jpg

Well, shopping would be the next thing to do in Singapore. Now, it explains why mum loves this place!  photo 1378417_10151933832983308_674434683_n_zpsfd17f075.jpg

#Grocery shopping with mum turned out to be a pre-halloween 😀 photo 1393588_10151935773078308_264587873_n_zpsce63f6c0.jpg

What a cool mum I have!

 photo 1391876_10151935769328308_1994845898_n_zps8e44f2e2.jpg

You never know you are such a lucky brat until you move out of your comfort zone. That’s when you realize there is so much more out there to see, to experience and to learn. Now, the next thing in line would be counting down the days to go home!!! 🙂

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4 Responses to Greetings from the Lion City

  1. John Khor says:

    Well said. Yup. You never know until you step out from your comfort zone. Distance makes the heart fonder 🙂

  2. Hong says:

    awwww..i am also gonna miss you…either i meet u in Sg or you come back we meet..i still have souvenir from Tokyo to pass to you~ good luck and take care in SG..i guess it’s definitely better there at this moment 😛

    • millymin millymin says:

      Hong!! You know, at times, its nice having to be missed. Anyway, I’ll be back this weekend hoping that I have enuf time for everyone (which is merely impossible). But I will make time for you all! Please get align with them so that we can arrange something for this trip when I am back. Time is short and precious for me and of course looking forward to my Tokyo’s souvenir 😛 Anyway, do buzz me up whenever you are here, just like you said we have known each other for so long but have not travel together before. Its ok-lahhh… Singkapo pun Singkapo lahhh 😀

  3. hazel says:

    Check out the marina barrage too. The place has a nice view of singapore flyer 🙂

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