A Guest In Town

Two weekends back, (which was my first week here), so happened that one of my colleagues from Penang was here. Yep, we headed for dinner right after work on my first Friday. So happy to see a close friend in town, you will never know how it feels but her presence does mean a lot to me. Topping up with the fact that I have not been out exploring the town yet.

 photo IMG_0793_zps573a40b7.jpg

At Chinatown we were and the lanterns captured my attention. As usual, there is always the kiddo side in one 😛 photo IMG_0778_zps25539206.jpg

Headed off to Clarke Quay right after in order to replenish the many day and night of not having ‘milk’, if you know what I mean. Clarke Quay hasn’t change a single bit since my last trip here, approximately 3 years?! Oh, well. photo IMG_0786_zpsaf3a6ee6.jpg photo IMG_0789_zps1956950f.jpg

 photo IMG_0796_zps77a8bd8b.jpg

My favourite drink and I. You would have guessed it I presume. photo IMG_0792_zpsc82c205e.jpg

So, when I was in the train, seated, Michelle noticed that my legs were not touching the ground, and she laughed 🙁 I’m just sharing, just if you wanna laugh too 🙁  photo IMG_0805_zpsb086b2ab.jpg

… and the Friday night ended by catching the last train home! LOL. I know, I haven’t get use to depending solely on public transportation but soon I will be! 🙂

So, the next day, I decided to head to the city and one of the reasons why I was busy hunting for flats before I left is the fact that I know that I will doing a lot of walking 🙂 Nuff said! photo IMG_0849_zps9da103fd.jpg

Which when I reached Orchard, I decided to drop by to collect a Starbucks card and buy myself a GreenTea Frap (the same old). photo IMG_0822_zps98905af7.jpg photo IMG_0823_zps6f97dbc8.jpg photo IMG_0821_zps9438eef3.jpg

Spent half a day with myself before I called YH to meet her up. The both of us were just being us. We started off at Cotton On, Somerset and yes, started picking dresses for herself and me, I’ll just go for the same old, denim shorts! photo IMG_0846_zpsebde7d04.jpg

… then to the three stories Forever 21. Being a typical girl, I was busy shopping. photo IMG_0851_zps46fc009c.jpg

… and some ice-cream 😛

 photo IMG_0861_zps854f7bf3.jpg

I just love spending quality time with buddies. photo IMG_0895_zps9f9931ac.jpg photo IMG_0894_zpsa0db15c3.jpg

Something which I couldn’t ask for more 🙂 all in all, for the first week, shopping had been massively crazy 😛

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