Ms Hard Rock Penang 2013

The long awaited event of the year, Miss Hard Rock Penang 2013! Its an annual event to check out the rock-chick who will be representing Hard Rock Hotel Penang for year 2013!

Having the rockers rocking the stage in the Hall of Fame was awesome and the one thing that kept me entertained at all times would be The Jazzhats! I really think they are the best on this island so far. photo DSC_0572_zps51c9828a.jpg photo DSC01082_zps7e208138.jpg photo DSC_0580_zps8e4cd930.jpg

All the contestants were equally good, I can tell! Lucky enuf I was not a judge. Otherwise, I will be torn between all the hot stuff on stage. As for this round, there were three honourable judges which are Mr John Primmer (the General Manager of Hard Rock Hotel Penang), Mr Tommy Ong (the Entertainment & Vibe Manager of Hard Rock Hotel Penang) and last but not least, Ms Amanda Lee (Ms Hard Rock Penang 2012 who was also crowned as the 2nd Runner up Ms Hard Rock South East Asia 2012). photo DSC_0578_zpsff51093a.jpg

… and so, the judging criteria was breakdown into four which are the Swimwear, Introduction, Talent, Q&A session as well as the the overall. There were 7 titles crowned for the girls tonight. Aside from the Winner, 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up, FB Voter’s Choice goes to Ms Vivian Chow. On top of that, the night itself also will reveal the contestants who will be crowned the Fan Favourite, Best Talent and Best Dressed – My Rockstyle.

Ann, kicked off with Kungfu Demonstration. Fury isn’t she? 😉 photo DSC_0584_zpsc6a6e9cb.jpg

 photo DSC_0591_zps0f95b216.jpg

Oh, wow! Hi, Harley! photo DSC_0594_zps57efebf9.jpg photo DSC_0595_zpsb6aa6fad.jpg

One of my partner in crime for the night.  photo DSC_0597_zps89fd3908.jpg

Fern, singing with the guitar passionately. photo DSC_0599_zps06fe75c8.jpg photo DSC01229_zpsa3cc6eea.jpg

Ashley came up with Exotic Eqyption Number. photo DSC01155_zps6220a941.jpg

 photo DSC01180_zps6f8cf666.jpg

Jessica presented her Body Combat skills! photo DSC_0605_zpsd64f3da6.jpg photo DSC01260_zps4dfc371f.jpg

Gill, with her martial arts fitness! Impressive! photo DSC01236_zpsec71eca9.jpg

Tommy. Yea, thats Tommy! photo DSC01240_zpseef4d614.jpg

Laureen doing what she is good at, pole dancing! photo DSC01271_zps3c201aaa.jpg photo DSC01283_zps8e7d9a5e.jpg

Shevonne danced for us. photo DSC01294_zpsc1f1fab7.jpg

Vivian, sang for us!
 photo DSC01361_zpsd1aafa95.jpg

Then, the night followed by presenting the winner for the OwnIt Contest! photo DSC01389_zps7bef2f92.jpg

The most awaited for was the results! Obviously, if it were me, I wouldn’t know who will win. So many hot stuff yet only 7 will be crowned.

Laureen was crowned for Fan’s Favourite photo DSC_0610_zps77c336a0.jpg

 FB Voters’ Choice goes to Vivian Chow! photo DSC01401_zpsd5a3994c.jpg

… and Fern, was crowned for the Best Talent! photo DSC01403_zps39b0d9e2.jpg

Gill, with 2nd runner Up.
 photo DSC01411_zps84f8c070.jpg

Fern, again, but this time she is crowned for 1st Runner Up. photo DSC01421_zps000be2f2.jpg

Last but not least, the moment everyone waited for, the Winner of Ms Hard Rock Hotel Penang goes to ……… LAUREEN! photo DSC01426_zps90fb7869.jpg

Congrats all!

The girls, all in a picture! photo DSC01433_zpsea252222.jpg photo DSC01437_zps3412610e.jpg

Thank you Hard Rock Hotel Penang for the invitation to witness the annual event. photo photo5_zps223f6da3.jpg

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