Beach Blanket Babylon @ The 32 Mansion

Many people do not know about this place but I have been chilling at this place for long. Each time when I am all alone and I need a peace of mind, Beach Blanket Babylon it is. Its quiet and the sound of the waves hitting the shore is simply relaxing. Its a perfect place to chill with friends but I love this place so much especially when I spend some lone time.

 photo DSC_0669_zps48ab4f53.jpg

The secret path.

 photo photo1_zpsd429a236.jpg

Its located by the beach, now you know why I love this place so much! photo photo3_zps396746d3.jpg photo photo21_zps8d3edd34.jpg

 Well, here you can have some finger food, desserts, cocktails, beers and they serve liquor too! photo DSC_0680_zpsdff3c3a0.jpg photo DSC_0677_zps6de4a860.jpg

Its a peaceful place for me to lay low and get lazy on the couch. photo 3_zps0e63ccf2.jpg

Add: 32, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang
Tel: +604 – 262 2232

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