Arthur’s Day Launch Party 2013 in Penang!

Arthur’s Day is back again. Its being celebrated yearly but what make this year different would be those people who rock the stage and guess who this time?! Five For Fighting, All American Rejects and The Wanted will be on stage with 5 hours of pure ‘live’ music at Sepang Circuit on September 27, 2013!

Hence, while waiting for the party to kick, Guinness started a bit of warm up by welcoming the launch in Penang. Soho Free House hosted the welcome party, and of course I had my awesome partner in crimes along! photo IMG_9295_zpsc7766132.jpg photo IMG_9302_zps198927ae.jpg

The partner in crime getting the feel to pour himself his own pint! Well, not everyone gets to do it unless you are a bartender 😛  We had Gerard from GAB Professional Solutions showing the ropes on pouring a pint of Guinness. photo IMG_9315_zpsaebe2f3f.jpg

… and there you go with the not-entirely-certified-bartender.  photo IMG_9316_zps26686843.jpg

There are steps that you need to follow to serve your perfect pint of Guinness Draught. Follow the steps below:  photo IMG_9320_zps7b83fc01.jpg

… and this would be Step 2: Allow to surge and settle. photo IMG_9319_zpsa1705796.jpg

Awhh! The happy boy with his pint! photo IMG_9323_zps14aa0e8e.jpg

Now, the smooth creamy head foaming can be served. photo IMG_9322_zpse65dfb6d.jpg photo IMG_9333_zpsbbd74ae5.jpg

Raise your glasses peeps!

 photo IMG_9345_zps4b1cd95d.jpg  photo IMG_9351_zps3680a03d.jpg photo IMG_9403_zps8cd71701.jpg

Oh, ya. So its now my turn to get this right after Vasi 🙂 photo IMG_9404_zps72713d60.jpg photo IMG_9406_zps97803fd3.jpg

When I turned around, I think I have the world’s eyes on me, getting ready with their cameras! Oh-so-shy! The humble can only smile. photo IMG_9407_zpsafa241c5.jpg photo IMG_9408_zpsd3b2711d.jpg

Another toast, To Arthur! photo IMG_9410_zps1373ee93.jpg

#OOTD : I stick to the theme, black, gold and chic! 😀 photo IMG_9662_zps7febae91.jpg photo IMG_9411_zps8d79b832.jpg

… and that’s the same old Chris & Vasi. photo IMG_9412_zps5af83303.jpg

19th September
Giza Backyard, Sri Hartamas
Malones, Sooka Sentral

21st September
History Bistroz, Ipoh
Phat Barrels, Kuantan

26th September
The Beer Factory, Sunway
Sid’s Pub, Bangsar South

Fret not, you can log on to for more updates!

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