The 32 Mansion

Many times I am here for parties, private events et al but I never really tasted the food. Hence, I ended the Monday blue by pampering myself doing some fine dining on this little island I love! photo DSC_0654_zps17c9a1ab.jpg

A mansion you can run around playing hide & seek! 😛 photo DSC_0656_zps889fd587.jpg

Classically defined. photo DSC_0657_zps8b5fd77b.jpg

The 32 Mansion can be a place for a pleasant date, a table for two. How lovely! photo DSC_0664_zps020b0ff8.jpg photo DSC_0666_zps0d33e1b4.jpg photo DSC_0667_zps39b8acef.jpg

… and tonight, I was given the chance to dine in the private room! Obviously its for private occasions but I do love privacy. photo DSC_0672_zpsafa1a48f.jpg

Welcome, do you wanna do dinner with me? photo DSC_0673_zpsdf242d11.jpg

This private room here is able to cater up to 12 pax which I would say it will be nice to have a family gathering or perhaps dinner with co-workers! photo DSC_0674_zps7184f90f.jpg

The new bartender! 😛 photo DSC_0685_zps8865b5ec.jpg

Let me walk you through on some of the dishes on the menu. Well, I was too excited to wait for dessert. Anyway, I started off with Piquant Salad with Spicy Lemongrass Vinaigrette.

 photo DSC_0691_zpse8bee88f.jpg

A bit of Crab Laksa Lemak. The curry texture is so smooth that I couldn’t stop sipping the soup! photo DSC_0693_zpsfe55350a.jpg photo DSC_0695_zps2799784a.jpg

and some Fish Laksa Lemak. photo DSC_0696_zps13f68d7e.jpg

If you were to ask, I would prefer the Crab Laksa Lemak as its a little unusual, compared to usual Penang famous for Assam Laksa.

Vietnamese Pho was served as well and its beef based. photo DSC_0700_zps29a817ac.jpg photo DSC_0701_zps0060cd66.jpg

6-Spice Marinated BBQ Chicken Served with Buttered Rice Timbale is also one of the House Specialty. I like the chicken itself which I believe it can be served only the chicken. It tastes a little like honey chicken alongside with the tinkle taste of the spices. Simple and awesome. photo DSC_0702_zps812d92d0.jpg photo photo11_zps67a52d66.jpg

The one in hands is the Slow Cooked Lamb Shank. I would say it is very well prepared. photo DSC_0704_zps741be93d.jpg photo DSC_0706_zps1c52fcf7.jpg

When it comes to the BBQ Beef Rib, I went completely bonkus. It was so tender and I can’t stop nomming! It was served medium-rare and its exactly what I want! photo DSC_0707_zpsb986018c.jpg

Please excuse me 😀 photo photo22_zpsd2bde8db.jpg

The Cut Charcoal Grilled Angus Beef Ribeye (250g), served with potato & thyme pure, bouquetiere of vegetables with a choice of black pepper perigeaux or mushroom sauce. photo DSC_0709_zps7ff54175.jpg

* Additional RM20 if having it as a set dinner which I personally think its completely worth it! Also, you can pair your choice of Angus with Ayala Champagne at only RM280++

The sinfully awesome look! Desserts perk me up and I was completely satisfied! photo photo4_zps74d66009.jpg

First, the Gula Melaka & Coconut ice-cream was served. It eases my sweet tooth, totally! photo DSC_0714_zpsc25a9917.jpg

Sticky Toffee Pudding, macerated strawberries served with vanilla bean ice cream. Just indulge, don’t ask must I assure you 🙂 photo DSC_0715_zps95f6fb1c.jpg photo DSC_0716_zpsd08f7362.jpg

I love the Sour Cream Ice Cream too. It was so natural that you will probably give up Pringles for this 😛 photo DSC_0717_zpscdbee538.jpg

A great place to bring someone special for a great, pleasant dinner 🙂

Add: 32, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang
Tel: +604 – 262 2232

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  1. ahlost says:

    Okay.. i’m bookmarking this place for my visit to Penang in mid of this month.. hohoho..

  2. Thank you for your review!

    We hope to have you back soon.

    32, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah 10050 Penang Malaysia
    04-262 2232

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