Isaac Toast & Coffee

Time flies! Not knowingly, I came back from South Korea a month ago. There are many cafes around Korea and guess what?! Isaac Toast & Coffee, which also originated from Korea invaded Malaysia! Now, we have it in Penang! So nice can!

Now, let me walk you through Isaac Toast & Coffee, somewhere that you can chill over the weekend be it sometime for yourself or with friends.  photo DSC_0613_zps5c73951d.jpg photo DSC_0614_zps907aecf5.jpg

Coffee makes me happy! There are variety of coffee served at Isaac Toast and Coffee.

Cafe Mocha (RM8.50). Ain’t the coffee art lovely? photo DSC_0615_zps310b6590.jpg photo DSC_0618_zps986265d8.jpg

Awesome place to sit in 🙂 photo DSC_0619_zpsf8c9b79b.jpg

Turkey Ham Cheese Toast (RM7.30) photo DSC_0621_zpsed8a2e29.jpg

 Hashbrown Toast (RM7.50) photo DSC_0623_zps697b2818.jpg

Hot Chocolate (RM7.50) photo DSC_0625_zpsd411f48f.jpg

Caramel Machiatto (RM8.50) photo DSC_0628_zpsc333280e.jpg

 Chicken MVP (RM9.90), served with 99% meat, different with normal burger patty which consist 50% meat only. photo DSC_0631_zps05e4c5e1.jpg

When served, you can actually request to have them cut into smaller portions instead of stuffing into your mouth the whole chunk  🙂 photo DSC_0634_zpsb44585a4.jpg

Strawberry or Kiwi Yogurt (RM7.50), natural taste of sweetness, freshly blended.. photo DSC_0633_zps5c4df9b5.jpg

Cafe Latte (RM7.50), if you want the cute little bear art on your latte, please request upfront! photo DSC_0635_zps89292afa.jpg photo DSC_0636_zps1cc6aeda.jpg

Pizza Toast (RM7.90), served with special pizza sauce simple awesome! photo DSC_0638_zps22bdf6f4.jpg

Hot Green Tea Latte (RM7.50) photo DSC_0640_zps06366e0b.jpg

Urmm … she is the art of all coffee 😛 photo DSC_0641_zps03bf90c4.jpg photo DSC_0642_zpsc2516425.jpg photo DSC_0644_zpsc8061a1a.jpg

 Cappucino (RM7.50), cute cat right! Its upon request as well. I tell you what, its definitely nice on pictures but I don’t have the heart to drink it when it was served! photo DSC_0648_zpsae337458.jpg photo DSC_0651_zpsae0fa9bd.jpg photo DSC_0653_zps2c830d52.jpg

Its time to check this place out 😉

Isaac Toast & Coffee
Add: Queensbay Mall Lower Ground Floor. (opposite sticky candy)
FB Page:

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  1. ahlost says:

    Queensbay Mall.. Okay… another must go place .. teeheeheehee.. 😀

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