Peugeot Blue Box Butterworth 3S Centre

A visit to the Peugeot Blue Box Butterworth 3S Centre and it is operated by CS Euro Auto Sdn Bhd, strategically located at the main road of Jalan Bagan Jermal. Its easily spotted cuz its all blue with a huge lion 😛 It is so far the largest outlet outside Klang Valley!

… and this time, allow me to present to you what the Blue Box has for us. Its my first time here and it turns out to a fun “playground” for me 😛 First of all, many people got PEUGEOT pronounced wrongly. Let’s get back to some English lesson here. PEUGEOT is prounounced as pur-zhoh! Definitely not “piu-jeot” or anything else 🙂  photo DSC_0002_zpse1b5ef0e.jpg

While roaming freely with no escorts, here at the Peugeot Blue Box, I found an Entertainment Room! photo DSC_0018_zps8627f60c.jpg

Super wowza! There’s a huge telly with Astro, super comfy sofa and free Wifi for the Peugeot owners to enjoy while waiting especially when they send their rides for servicing. photo DSC_0017_zps00fa29a4.jpg

On top of that, there is Peugeot Professionnel, which is all equipped with a round table and comfy chairs to allow meetings or private discussions to be carried out in a comfy environment. Spacious and homey! photo DSC_0015_zps537a6f61.jpg

Its just so cool! This is beyond my expectation as it doesn’t cross my mind that there will be such privileges for Peugeot owners! photo DSC_0016_zps228e176c.jpg

Cafe Corner interest me much. Now, you can also enjoy the complimentary coffee or any other beverages of your choice available while waiting for your car!

 photo DSC_0046_zpsc8330a31.jpg

The view from the top! photo DSC_0077_zps58a29ebb.jpg

Being the first largest Peugeot Blue Box 3S Centre out of Klang, this 28,000 sq ft facility has six service bays which is able to cater to a capacity of 25 cars per day. photo DSC_0068_zps64c00901.jpg

A little background on Peugeot. Emile Peugeot uses the lion as their trademark photo DSC_0086_zps108bd564.jpg

On the other hand, Peugeot Lounge is launch at Subang Skypark Terminal is the first ever airport lounge exclusively for Peugeot’s esteemed customers which at the same time offers:

  • Delectable treats and beverages
  • Wifi & Internet services
  • Astro TV entertainment
  • Flight information display
  • Newspaper, magazines and other reading materials
  • VIP Room

 photo DSC_0079_zps4fb6e174.jpg

Admission Criteria to the Peugeot Lounge at the Subang Skypark Terminal: 

  • MUST be a current Peugeot Owner
  • MUST possess valid boarding pass for outbound flight on day of use
  • PRESENT Privilege Card OR Peugeot car keys

 The guests of the Patrons are required to fulfil all of the following request: 

  • MUST be accompanied by Patron
  • MUST possessed valid boarding pass for the outbound fligh on day of use

Guest entrance fee (where applicable) as below: 

  • Complimentary for first Guest
  • RM50.00 for the 2nd Guest
  • RM40.00 for the 3rd Guest onwards

 photo photo2_zps97ce0a96.jpg

In the Boutique Lounge is where the Peugeot merchandises are sold. photo DSC_0072_zpsb912a88c.jpg

The Peugeot merchandise includes the t-shirts which varies from material to design! Aside from that, they also have Peugeot notebooks, Peugeot lanyards, Peugeot key-chain and many others. photo DSC_0074_zps4bcaec9b.jpg photo DSC_0073_zps51977043.jpg

 Spare Parts are available at Peugeot Blue Box. This has create convenience for the Puegeot owners that they do not need to wait for the parts to be ship or send to Peugeot in order to fix your car. Hence, many things can be fixed on the spot! photo DSC_0069_zpsf16c4d99.jpg photo DSC_0070_zps6af5f378.jpg

Awhh! It’s so nice that Peugeot has awesome people on their Peugeot 508!

 photo DSC_0067_zpsd7540034.jpg

CS Euro Auto, 7290-7294, Jalan Bagan Jermal, Taman Bayu, 12300 Butterworth.

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