Pearly Kee’s Homecook Nyonya Cuisine

It was a great pleasure to be invited to Pearly’s Homecook Nyonya Cuisine! Well, nowadays, not many people who are capable on preparing Nyonya Cuisine. photo DSC_0263_zpsd4a9a90b.jpg

So, this time, Pearly invited me to her place, and I believe she has spent most of her day gearing up for the dinner tonight. Thanks again, Pearly!

One of the authentic Nyonya cuisine was the spicy curry chicken. Its a must in all Nyonya cuisine. photo SAM_1311_zpsf38b714a.jpg

… thats when you do the spicy curry chicken with Roti Jala. This is inseparable!

 photo SAM_1303_zpsf5991ce6.jpg

The rice is very well done. photo DSC_0264_zps35f6b8fd.jpg

 photo DSC_0265_zps73df78f8.jpg

Steamed egg with minced pork is one of my all time favourite and it was added with salted egg yolk which enhance a little salty flavour to the steamed egg. Well, you must get the steaming duration right otherwise, it will never turn out nice and I would say, Pearly has done a great job!  photo DSC_0248_zpsa71782dc.jpg

A refreshing drink, Dragon Fruit Juice with Sprite and basil seeds, which Pearly has chosen for us. She definitely made the right choice. photo DSC_0262_zps26e391fb.jpg

Nasi Kunyit (Tumeric Rice), goes very well with the curry chicken! photo DSC_0249_zps83b90d3e.jpg

Pearly’s  place was full! Well, we won’t say no to good food 🙂 photo DSC_0259_zps83229bc2.jpg photo DSC_0256_zpsd8f48ad0.jpg

Kaya Kuih is awesome! Kaya isn’t too sweet, and overly sweet stuff usually don’t turn out nice. photo DSC_0242_zpsc60217da.jpg

Ang Ku Kuih, widely used in the Chinese culture, usually for prayers as well as its used to distributed during a newborn baby’s full month, which in away represent longevity. photo DSC_0244_zpsf10800eb.jpg

Being a truly Penangite or perhaps Malaysian, we usually have sambal with everything we eat. photo DSC_0238_zps75ed9332.jpg

 photo DSC_0246_zpsfbb83537.jpg

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Glass Noodles is very nice. photo DSC_0236_zpscca66546.jpg

Once again, thank you Pearly for having us at your place! photo DSC_0277_zpsc1c4da24.jpg

Pearly Kee
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2 Responses to Pearly Kee’s Homecook Nyonya Cuisine

  1. Ken says:

    i look like a retard! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. Pearly Kee says:

    I like the new you, so much effort have been make to look so good, Ken. Most def, not a retard!!!! Thanks for coming, all of you. For Nyonyas, every family had its own style of cooking and I love all kinds. When I asked some others Nyonyas how the attain certain flavor which I love, I also add to my repertoire.

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