Club Asahi Miami @ Soju Room, Penang

Group shot when everyone is still sober and icy cool! All dressed so well just to party! Well, this is my first ever Asahi party and its indeed a big one as well! Club Asahi Miami was held at Soju Room, last Friday, June 21st 2013. It was a party which brought us to Miami! photo photo21_zps6e2bf8f7.jpg

Hummer that melts me! photo photo11_zpsf670b5bd.jpg

As we stepped in, all the party-goers were reminded to Drink Responsibly!

I was playing the iPad game and that was how I look when I got excited (=.=) After three rounds of failed attempts, I gave up! LOL! photo DSC_1108_zps76dbe49a.jpg

We then moved to the registration counter to collect our passes and guess what, the reason I love VIP passes so much is when we do not have to queue at the freaking long line just to get in. I even got my name printed on my pass! So cool can!

I think the three of us were taking the most picture with the Asahi backdrop but who cares when we had so much fun! photo photo2_zpsa99b1642.jpg photo photo5_zps4dc8eeb9.jpg photo photo4_zps7489f0ab.jpg

BFF fun time! photo photo1_zpsd194f536.jpg

 … and then they have this super huge screen for us to camwhore. Obviously, we hogged the camera for so long that we were having fun camwhoring vainly taking pictures of ourselves!

 photo DSC_1133_zpsa803e55c.jpg

The endless picture of myself and my pass 😛

 photo photo31_zps95d812a8.jpg

Constance was there too! photo DSC_1159_zpsa2e4d94d.jpg

… and I will always have a shot of both Henry and I. Oh, well. He was still sober so yeah, decent picture taken. photo DSC_1155_zps7d0ee3de.jpg

with Christer & Henry. photo DSC_1153_zps08a38bf1.jpg

and of course, my not-to-be-missed partner in crime! photo DSC_1148_zpse767315d.jpg

Asahi Super Dry, Japan’s No.1 beer! photo DSC_1143_zps9fbafae5.jpg

 I guess the four of us, met in the first party and subsequently meeting each other in all parties! photo DSC_1142_zpsbb06cb26.jpg

Hi, its me again with my pass 😉 photo DSC_1113_zpsa4e548bf.jpg

Night was young with loadsa party animals on the dance floor with DJ HENRIX and KRYOMAN THE ROBOT in the house!

DJ Hendrix, a Miami based DJ, who was featured 5 out of 6 in a row on Tiesto’s Club Life Podcast! He was in the house spinning for the crowd and pumped up the night with talent! Alongside, Kyroman, the half man, half machine had evolved to blow minds inside the electronic music! photo DSC_1164_zps948d45a0.jpg

It was a crazy party with the amount of party-goers hitting the club! The crowd was overwhelming!

 photo DSC_1168_zps20f4ac69.jpg

… and I found a new friend! photo DSC_1176_zps813495f9.jpg photo DSC_1178_zpscf83ff36.jpg

If your vision turned out to be like this, please don’t drive 🙂 photo DSC_1139_zpsa50f9bb3.jpg

Looks like partying is just my thing 😀 Thank you Asahi for the great night!

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3 Responses to Club Asahi Miami @ Soju Room, Penang

  1. Henrytan says:

    Ehhh all ur photos very nice mahhh no blur punnnn

  2. Amelia says:

    Awesome party aint it?! I got a hangover the next morning hahaha

  3. ahlost says:

    Fly me to Penang !!!! I want to have fun too !!!

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