The Mugshot Cafe

Best part of today would be its a public holiday. Have been wanting to drop by at this hot stuff in town long time, but I just gotta find time and the right people 😉 photo photo2_zps4ba72af6.jpg

Bagel muffins into the woodfire stove are best made and no, no Santa-Clause-chimney story etc. photo DSC_0064_zps61637596.jpg photo DSC_0070_zps46cabd65.jpg

The one behind all bagel muffins, Jesse. photo DSC_0075_zpsfa45ca35.jpg

First time here and I just hope that I am able to try everything, but looks like I gotta split my trip. Ordered turkey ham with cranberry sauce. Awesome giler! photo DSC_0078_zps419eb0e8.jpg

 photo photo1_zps8affa21e.jpg

Pretty sinful it looks 😀 Alas, one of this won’t make you any fatter! photo DSC_0079_zpsb6bce767.jpg

Wild berry, all time favourite. photo DSC_0081_zpsf8273435.jpg

… and my partner in crime … photo DSC_0084_zps4bc7a6af.jpg

urmmm … okay. I will take a better shot soon (T.T) photo DSC_0089_zps263677e2.jpg photo DSC_0092_zpse9c348fd.jpg

… and am upset cuz yogurt habis! photo photo4_zps1102cf61.jpg

The Mugshot Cafe
Add: 302 Chulia Street, George Town, MY.
Tel: 012-405 6276
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