Eastern & Oriental Hotel’s Carvery Night

Yes! You did not read it wrong! Indeed, 30% off for all buffets from May 1st, 2013 to July 7th, 2013! *Terms & Condition apply.

Remember to print out the below banner in order to be entitled for the 30% off! photo discountflyerFA3_zps7e57529b.jpg

It was an incredible night, again. All thanks to E&O Hotel for the invite to such a fine and pleasant buffet dinner. photo DSC_0133_zps1629767b.jpg

Carvery Night features a whole roasted lamb! photo DSC_0134_zps8e3a6a87.jpg photo DSC_0135_zps6a0ed72a.jpg

The happy Chef Petr! photo DSC_0138_zps51db294c.jpg

The whole lamb was roasted approximately for 6 hours which later turned out to be golden brown. photo DSC_0142_zps8733efb4.jpg photo DSC_0146_zps068df6c2.jpg

Tandoori chicken is served too. photo DSC_0149_zps602e8f6d.jpg

Seafood is also part of the buffet tonight. Tuna and salmon were served raw. photo DSC_0151_zps4c4e6b7f.jpg photo DSC_0156_zpsc34a863e.jpg photo DSC_0158_zps8cc717a6.jpg photo DSC_0159_zps2ca95262.jpg

It is also blend with the local tastebuds, where pasembur is also served! photo DSC_0160_zps16bd3e3b.jpg

Potato salad!

 photo DSC_0161_zpsa363a134.jpg

 photo DSC_0162_zpse05993a1.jpg

Alongside, there is also Japanese cuisine at the sushi bar. photo DSC_0163_zpsfef44a96.jpg
 photo DSC_0170_zps02950597.jpg photo DSC_0173_zps438d60a4.jpg

Poultry and beef fine cuts which are readily prepared. photo DSC_0178_zps97147f6a.jpg

International cuisine are also blended in the where Green Curry, originated from Thailand is served. photo DSC_0192_zps9e5e7ca2.jpg

… and I would call this an international fruit 😛 My all time favourite. B-A-N-A-N-A! photo DSC_0198_zps172d2a07.jpg

Tiramisu would be one of my favourite dessert. I never say no to please my sweet tooth.  photo DSC_0216_zps740d8f1f.jpg photo DSC_0218_zps1516401e.jpg photo DSC_0219_zps69627239.jpg photo DSC_0220_zpsbd776cfe.jpg photo DSC_0222_zps2693b362.jpg photo DSC_0223_zpsf96a88ca.jpg photo DSC_0224_zps583db1e9.jpg photo DSC_0217_zpse815470a.jpg

Please take note that Carvery Buffet will only available on every Thursday, from 7.00pm-10.30pm.

Eastern & Oriental Hotel
Venue: Sarkies (Victory Annexe Wing)
Time: 7.00pm – 10.30pm
FB Page: E&O Hotel
Tel: 04-222 2000 (ext. 3601/3602)

Be reminded to place your reservation 😉

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