Bordeaux Rendez-vous 2013, Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang

Bordeaux Rendez-vous 2013, all happened in an elegant night. I would say it was a classy night totally. As I stepped in to Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang, or more renowned as E&O Hotel, well, perhaps I was one of the first who arrived, the outside of the ballroom was luxuriously furnished. I was then escorted to the red carpet after confirming my table number. This event was proudly hosted by the E&O Hotel in Penang, catering 150 pax that night itself as Bordeaux Rendez-vous 2013 is held in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta and Bali as well.

 photo DSC_0063_zps331f33c5.jpg

With me, which I then stumbled upon; CK and Constance, lovely ladies of the night.  photo DSC_0060_zpsa7c9556f.jpg

It was held at Macalister Ballroom, Victory Annexe.  Conti Neri-Prosecco was the first among the rest which was served. Its a sparkling wine originated from the Veneto region in  Italy. It is also a substantial wine region in the north-eastern of Italy. photo DSC_1174_zps343cbb4a.jpg

This auspicious night was hosted with a master class 26 labels of wine, wine reception cum buffet dinner which all wine enthusiasts should not miss this out.
 photo DSC_1177_zpseaec0ddc.jpg

Here you go. We get to sample the master class 26 labels of wine which ranges from Rm250.00 to RM1010.00. (*The prices of the wines are set for the buyers who purchased on that night itself only.) Good wine and good music. You can never ask for more. Oh, did I mention that it was a free flow of wine?

 photo DSC_1178_zps7893c1ee.jpg

As a starter, those desserts attracted my attention. photo DSC_0001_zps6250ab41.jpg photo DSC_0002_zpsed35719a.jpg photo DSC_0003_zps4d1b584a.jpg photo DSC_0004_zpsc4cb8576.jpg photo DSC_0005_zpsf9b3fb72.jpg photo DSC_0006_zps77118a95.jpg photo DSC_0008_zps9e3e7959.jpg

Wine enthusiasts I would call 🙂 photo DSC_0044_zpsee0747bc.jpg

Chef Petr and his crew prepared the dinner for tonight. Another wide range of food to choose, from the local delights to the westerns. photo DSC_0009_zps53017bc2.jpg photo DSC_0011_zpsa9fda0a8.jpg photo DSC_0010_zps9b7f09f8.jpg photo DSC_0021_zpse95c877a.jpg photo DSC_0022_zps13dd7188.jpg photo DSC_0020_zps413bebb6.jpg

Some sushis for Japs lovers like me 😛 photo DSC_0023_zps7a06353f.jpg photo DSC_0025_zps07069633.jpg

… and the here comes the highlight of the night. Indeed, it was a rare opportunity for me to have the chance to taste so many wines in a night and am contented that I’m invited for this event. Tonight, is the night when the premium wines are unleashed. Too many to try, thus I only manage to taste some of the hand pick ones. However, there is a Château representative of their respective brands are seated on each table where hereby we get to understand the background of the wine better.

Château Ferriere 2003 (RM360), full flavoured, with blackcurrant fruit and plenty of depth which contain 40% of Merlot. I feel its succulent. photo DSC_0052_zps2b570f99.jpg

Château Corbin St. Émilion Grand Cru 2003 (RM290), has a wonderful aroma with noticeable tannin. photo DSC_0053_zps3d33c835.jpg photo DSC_0054_zpsbb8d0cb4.jpg

The family portrait 🙂 photo DSC_0055_zps238bb089.jpg photo DSC_0057_zpsd8a020e3.jpg

Château Coutet Sauternes (RM420), which I was attracted to the golden colour. Tasted it and its sweet but light. I feel its more to a feminine side. photo DSC_0056_zps48f6a017.jpg

Last but not least, Château Beychevelle 2003 (RM800) ; Appellation: St Julien. It is smooth, full-bodied with soft tannins.  photo DSC_0061_zps41a22070.jpg

Here is when we have all the Château representatives doing the Chinese style, “yum seng” photo DSC_0048_zps531c3cec.jpg

* With the premium bloggers photo WINEGROUP_zps9edb2744.jpg


Note: * Prices shown are prices offered for the buyers of the night itself only.

Eastern & Oriental Hotel
Add: Lebuh Farquhar Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang
Tel: 04-222 2000

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  1. tinkerbell says:

    OMG! We actually have such event in Penang? WINEEEE! I want!

  2. Ken says:

    Oh dear… who was the ‘escort’ of the night HAHA, and OH! Criz and i arrived first k, blek ~

  3. Amelia says:

    such a grand event. Happens annually? Is there anymore such similar event soon?

  4. applelicious says:

    Bring me there next time laaa 😉

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  6. Hong says:

    your food porn!!! it’s sooo nice! and wow u get to meet up with CK lam as well..

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