Arifah’s Wedding Reception

Its a great kick-start to the long weekend! The main reason why am still in town is cuz I have a wedding to attend, obviously not mine, and an event tomorrow. And yes, I have not been partying in a long time! For those whom am meeting daily, you should know whats lining up on my schedule. Next month would be worse, topping up that its the birthday month! *hint hint*

… and I put on a new dress today 😛 #ootd photo IMG_3286_zps51a07928.jpg

The elegant pair. photo IMG_3288_zps1659e92d.jpg

Meet Jack! Colleague’s son, so super cute! Looks like I have been “kidnapping” kids to camwhore with me =.= photo IMG_3293_zpsfc397944.jpg

with Elli! Hot stuff! photo IMG_3294_zps36bc7704.jpg

… and part of my awesome crew! photo IMG_3295_zps7349d443.jpg

Once again, congrats Arifah! photo IMG_3297_zps49bb0000.jpg photo IMG_3301_zps0b1efe5c.jpg

… and am gonna turn in early as I’ll be having a super long day toms! I think I should say, Stay Tune instead as tomorrow gonna be another kick ass awesome day!

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