1st Avenue’s Mobile App is Launched!

Girls and shopping are inseparable and that applies not just for girls but guys as well. The best part of today’s blog post would be the launching of 1st Avenue’s Mobile App! This mobile app is applicable for both IOS and Android’s users.

… and now, all the blazing hot deals are now at your fingertips!

All you need to do is just download  the app! Yes, its just that simple! Once the app had been downloaded, fret not, all the latest contests, announcements, promotions or even freebies are in your hands.

I hereby will share some screen shots. photo photo1_zps2e66761c.png

Once the app had been downloaded and completed the installation, you will be able to see the screen. Oh, ya! I get exited over the “Exclusive” icon right in the middle.

 photo photo2_zps22a243d9.png

So, are you in the midst of reading this entry while downloading the app on your phone? If yes, I have a little surprise for you. Yup! All you need to do now is to present the downloaded app on your phone to the Customer Service Officer @ Information Counter on June 2nd 2013, 3pm, to receive a FREE “Marvel’s Iron Man 3” t-shirt! However, it is limited to the first 50 shoppers who present the app from their cellphones, and each of them is entitled to only ONE gift. Calling for Iron Man’s fans, its the time for you to grab those shirts! photo 1stAvenueAppIronMan_zps4165fc76.jpg

So, the above freebies will appear as such in the app. photo photo3_zps7074ff0f.png

Alright, the “Marvel’s Iron Man 3” t-shirt was just a kick-start. Now, calling for Starbucks fans. Would you like to guess? Lemme share this with you, I am a huge fan of Starbucks too! So, don’t miss this out! All you need to do is, go to the “Exclusive” menu, in the app and show the Starbucks logo the Customer Service Officer @ Information Counter on June 16th 2013, 3pm, to redeem a Starbucks “Buy 1 Free 1” voucher! photo 1stAvenueAppStarbucks_zps43d7395f.jpg

No sweat! The steps are just too easy for you to grab those freebies. These are just the start, there are MORE to come 😉

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