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It might sounded silly but the first question I asked was, “How do I pronounce Kürtős?” and I went ‘kuetos’, ‘kartuz’, ‘kurltoz’-ing which I was then told that the actual pronunciation should be ‘koortoz’. Make sure you get it right before you place your order 😉

Well, Kürtőskalács or kürtős kalács its in a Hungarian which is pronunce as: [ˈkyrtøːʃ ˈkɒlaːtʃ]). Kurto means chimney and when hot, steam rises from the cake just like a chimney whereas kalacs means milk-loaf. Hence, there is where Chimney Cake derives from. And so, I did a search on Google and its actually the oldest pastry in Hungary and it comes from Transylvanie. The pipe of the stove was the reason of the name. photo DSC_1175_zps14841fc4.jpg

Many people like me, have those “I thought …” in mind.“I thought it is a sausage roll. I thought its an over-sized-long-looking-doughnut.” Right, its actually none of the above.

Kürtős is actually a pastry baked over the fire stove. Well again, due to shopping mall’s rules, more on safety issues, no fire stoves are allowed. Hence, it is baked over the oven. photo DSC_1178_zps519f010e.jpg

I was just checking out the kitchen, snapping some pics. The next minute when I lifted my head, I saw many people! Alas, not like I bake those. photo DSC_0007_zps007ce0eb.jpg

You can dip it with butterscoth, garlic cheese or even chocolate! photo DSC_1179_zps26a88ab3.jpg

Wall of fame. A wall which tells you how you are able to bake Kürtős. photo DSC_1180_zpse455d018.jpg photo DSC_0001_zps62ad05cd.jpg photo DSC_0005_zps50ac930c.jpg

There are variety of coating that you can go with. There are 9 different ones including the original Kürtős.

 photo DSC_1176_zps5600634e.jpg

It is basically a Hungarian pastry which is also known as chimney cake or stove cake. You can easily get this along the street in Hungary but not here. photo DSC_1174_zps0250a070.jpg

… and my #1 favourite Kürtős is Cinnamon Sugar.  photo DSC_0033_zpsd9fd11c6.jpg

followed by my #2: Sunflower Seeds photo DSC_0032_zps871860aa.jpg

My #3: Nutella Walnut photo DSC_0026_zps9b59128e.jpg

My #4: Peanut Butter & Choc Chips photo DSC_0025_zpsed36bd6f.jpg

My #5 Sesame Seeds photo DSC_0030_zps94ca4462.jpg

My #6: Chocolate Rice photo DSC_0034_zps9fe8f4ca.jpg

My #7: Hawaiian Coconut photo DSC_0036_zps773e916a.jpg

My #8: Premium Chicken Floss photo DSC_0044_zps557f1a96.jpg

and the Best Sellers are : Original, Sunflower Seed, Cinnamon and Nutella Walnut photo DSC_0045_zpsf31fc472.jpg

The sweetness comes from the sugar and nuts that you roll it in during the baking. Anyway, your ranking and mine might differ. It all still depends on your taste buds 🙂 Personally, I prefer Kürtős as it thinner which makes the top layer crispy compared to Aunty Anne’s pretzel. I still think that pretzel is a little too thick. Just a personal opinion afterall. 🙂

 photo DSC_1182_zpsbcd2b906.jpg

Now, you can catch Kurtos Spiroll here at Queensbay Mall, Penang!

Add: 3F-01B, Quees Street, Level 3, North Zone, Queensbay Mall
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kurtosspiroll

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