mmm…Eat & Save Food Guide

Its finally launched!

Thanks for those who have been treating me as the “101 Directory”. I know right. Many of my friends do call up randomly asking me for places to visit, whether to bring their family or friends or even to the extent of consulting for a venue for a proposal! Perhaps, one of my colleagues has given me the name “101”! And of course, thank you so much for following me on this low profile blog as I share about food especially around Penang.

… and so, the little food guide we call as “mmm…Eat & Save Food Guide 2013-2014 Penang F&B Edition” on April 10th, 2013! Urmm, shouldn’t it be something to be proud of? … for once, at least?! LOL. Right. Myself, and another few Penang Food Bloggers are featured in this Food Guide + Voucher Food Guide! 


Hence, it is now available in the market where you can grab it at RM20 each. Handy in size and all up-t0-date locations for your food hunt! Besides, there are also vouchers available in this Food Guide which consists of more than 50 eateries. Yes, its with vouchers where you can use them for discounts!

Here we are. All gathered for the launch! 😉


Well, do grab yourself a copy!


FYI, is the Official Media Partner for VBook, alongside with Powerewaed as the Official Strategy Partner and sponsored by KNK and Japin.

You can also log on to : to grab a copy!


… thanks for trusting my taste buds too 🙂

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4 Responses to mmm…Eat & Save Food Guide

  1. Ken says:

    They didn’t tell us where others can buy right… available in the market? Jelutong market? Pulau Tikus market? HAHAHA 😛

  2. Girlie Thoh says:

    Where to buy la?

  3. pinkylittleflower says:

    Where can I grab a copy?

  4. Cotton Candy says:

    wow! famous now! 😀

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