It has so much been around, parties, meet-ups, and I don’t seem to have much time spent on myself. I can be so much of a me person that I can isolate myself. Lately, the weather is so bad that I just don’t feel like stepping out of the house. It’s just insane to walk down the street just to grab lunch, cuz by the time you reach, your skin is badly burnt! Anyway, I took last weekend as part of ad-hoc weekend. I just let everything else fall in without planning anything and I can tell, you will love it!

So, I have a make-up artist cum friend, JF (cuz I knew her through another friend and she colours my face) , but hey, she is good!

First, probably many months back, I asked for cat eyes, she gave me a pair! And that was one of the make up I love most, ever! She uses Mary Kay products.

cat eyes

So last weekend, she was being a Missy Nice, again, and invited me over for something different. Okay, I would call this Colourful but well again, there is always the first time for everything 😉


Well, JF does make-ups for brides too! I just feel that the colours she had for me simply symbolises Nikki Minaj, BOLD & COLOURFUL! If you are looking for a make up artist, PING ME!

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  1. wow. love the vibrant colours on your eyelids!

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