Max Gourmet, Gurney Plaza

Max Gourmet turned out to be serving homey dishes. All along, I thought it has been serving dim sum until this visit. First and foremost, it is definitely non-halal!

 photo DSC_0933.jpg photo DSC_0935.jpg photo DSC_0934.jpg

… and I can have this all to myself! Yays! photo DSC_0937.jpg
 photo DSC_0938.jpg
 photo DSC_0939.jpg
 photo DSC_0940.jpg
 photo DSC_0943.jpg
 photo DSC_0944.jpg
 photo DSC_0945.jpg
 photo DSC_0948.jpg
 photo DSC_0949.jpg
 photo DSC_0954.jpg
 photo DSC_0956.jpg
 photo DSC_0959.jpg

This would be the recommended dessert! I would say it is unique in its own way. I love white fungus and hence, its just as if made for me! photo DSC_0960.jpg

You can always drop by for Max’s desserts. photo DSC_0963.jpg
 photo DSC_0964.jpg
 photo DSC_0967.jpg
 photo DSC_0971.jpg
 photo DSC_0972.jpg

Max Gourmet
Add: 7th Floor, Gurney Plaza, Penang
Business Hour: 10.30am to 10.30pm

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