Myanmar 09/12: Touching the Burmese Soil

Now Air Asia flies to Yangon on a daily basis. I can’t deny I am Air Asia’s number one die hard fan. I got my flights last year during the RM 0 fare promo when a return ticket from KL-Yangon-KL cost me only RM 231. So I thought, why not?! Hence, blocked my ever busy calendar and hop onto the jetplane for Yangon in end of September.

Took an early flight to KL to catch the flight to Yangon as flight to Yangon departs at 5.20pm from KL and the journey will take approximately 2 hours and 35 minutes before you land your feet on the Burmese soil. I got my flights re-scheduled which I was informed through e-mail, SMS and phone call by Air Asia crew months ago. Yet, flight delayed approximately 25 minutes on that day itself. pfffft

Actually, I was quite reluctant to leave for this trip. So much in mind and I feel a lil irresponsible to just chuck everything behind and leave. Yet, need some time off though.

Anyway, travelling really light this time, like 6kilo?

Touched Yangon approximately 7pm local time and my advise for those who will be visiting Burma, get your US dollars changed to Kyat (Myanmar local currency pronounced as ‘chat‘). Airport money changers will offer the best rate, plus it is reliable compared to any other. Besides, the rates are better than what they can offer outside. Hence, get your budget right and get them changed at the airport itself.

I did my research well enough at least to avoid any cut-throat taxis or airport limos as I booked a night at Classique Inn knowing not the location, at all! Hence, just like the rest of my trips, I depended solely on Trip Advisor, and you can never go wrong 🙂

Welcome to Classique Inn! I booked the teak wood room on the ground floor hence I do not need to do the staircase and all 😛

I am oh-so-in-love with the settings in the house, cozy and warmth and simply makes me feel like home, ain’t it?
Welcome drink was awesome but a little hungry 😛
This place is just so nice with free-wifi too!
I would wanna sink into the bed and sleep like a dead log for now 🙂 Clean room with air conditioner and water heater.

Classique Inn is located at a suburb near the embassies area. Hence, it would be a little tough for food hunt but they have their kitchen of their own. Otherwise, they will help to call for a cab and you can take a ride nearby for the awesome pizza I fell for 😛

Classique Inn
No. 53 B, Shwe Taung Kyar Street (Golden Valley Rd)
Bahan township, Yangon, Myanmar
Tel: 0095 1 525 557, 524 813, 505 021, 503 968
E-mail: /

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