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I love spicy and sourish food and I am one of the hard core fan of Thai food. Crunchy stuff like Pak Broong Krob can be a finger food for me! Taste great with Thai chilli sauce, a little sweet and spicy. Pak Broong Krob has to be served and eaten while its still crispy otherwise soggy food never works ūüôā
Pak Broong Krob – RM8.00

A not-to-be-missed , tomyum namsai! It goes very well with plain rice and every sip of it makes you want more. It is cook with mainly seafood (fish, prawns and squids) and the taste suits me a lot as I can’t take too spicy dishes. Its mild and served at the right taste.
Tomyum Namsai –¬†RM18 (S) / RM28 (L)

Another dish which the usual serve most time, Cha Om Omelette! Photobucket
Cha Om Omelette – RM8

For fish lovers, Gaeng Som Siakap will be the next in line. The fish is deep fried or you can also request the chef to have a fresh fish done for you. Anyway, it still taste good with deep fried fish. Photobucket
Gaeng Som Siakap –¬†¬†RM25


 Roasted Pork Knuckle known as Kha Moo Krob in Thai. It taste awesome each bite. PhotobucketRoasted Pork Knuckle РRM18

 3-Flavour Squids, served plainly with a pinch of cabai burung and best would be on a hot plate. Every bite brings you the freshness of the squids and the taste of the fish sauce.Photobucket3-Flavour Squids: RM18 (S) / RM30 (L)

This would be my favourite,  prawn cake! It taste a bit like nuggets but when you sink your teeth into the surface of it, the taste of the prawns blend with the Thai chilli sauce is orgasmic!PhotobucketPrawn Cake РRM3/pc

Kerabu Apple, something unusual as we usually have Kerabu Mango. But the unusual of having the mango being replaced by apple gave another different feel as I like it when I like the crunchy part of it. PhotobucketKerabu Apple: RM9 (S) / RM12 (L)

PhotobucketKerabu Fungus: RM9 (S) / RM12 (L)

 Stuffed Otak Chicken Wings, its filling and it worth your every bite. It is served in the boneless chicken wing, a pinch of spiciness and it tastes real good when it is blend with the Thai chilli sauce.Photobucket Stuffed Otak Chicken Wings РRM3.50/pc

Pineapple Fried Rice. The taste of pineapple blends well when the rice was fried. Aside from that, I just found out that it goes really well with some floss.PhotobucketPineapple Fried Rice: RM5 (S) / RM12 (L) 

When it comes to dessert,  Tub Tim Krob will never go wrong.
 Tub Tim Krob: RM4.50/bowl


Overall, Thai Food Restaurant features Northern Thai cuisine. The food served simply makes you feel as if you are in Thai. I am a Thai frequent and I think I don’t have to travel thus far for Thai food now ūüôā


Thai Food Restaurant
Add: 19L, Medan Batu Lanchang, 11600 Penang.
Contact: 012-486 919 (Mr. Christopher Choong)
Business Hours: 11.00am-3.00pm, 6.00pm-10.00pm

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  1. Hong C. Wern says:

    damn you!! You are making me drooling at this time midnight.. the prawn cake..yummilicious..rm3 per piece @.@

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