Georgetown Festival 2012

15 June – 15 July

I finally have a free weekend to do what I love doing cuz I am never free during the weekends and I don’t know why. *heartbreaks* maybe just cuz I make time for other people but not myself. Anyway, the in thing in Penang lately would be the murals scattered in the heart of it. Managed to take a number of pictures today and got it uploaded to my flickr, which some thought that it was long time dead but my die hard fans are still dying to see my updates.


Got a few pics I like 🙂 I know I am awesome!Photobucket

This is candid!PhotobucketPhotobucket

Took the little girl out today 🙂

Urmmm … anyone wanna go for a haircut?PhotobucketPhotobucket

Likey this small little one.Photobucket

Broken mirror found at some back lanes.Photobucket

Obviously I loved all the walking we had and I am a tone darker now. Photobucket

Old friend found. We met at Kaki Penang, but now, it has been too long since we last  catch up!PhotobucketPhotobucket

… leaving some footprints 🙂


This is just apart of the many pictures I have taken. Had an awesome day out doing the thing I love doing 🙂 Well, I always can find myself a pleasant plan ad-hoc 🙂


I <3 PGPhotobucket

I like how the clogs were demonstrated. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Simply cute.Photobucket

Honestly, I didn’t really spotted this until I saw a crowd busy shooting the yellow building. At first, I was wondering what were they trying to take which I later on found out that there is another one here.Photobucket

Don’t you love the stretch of pre-war houses?Photobucket

St Georges’ car sticker. *excited sial* Left school for so long but the design of the sticker remains.Photobucket

Best part was I spotted the red logo which is familiar to me. How can I forget my high school? Georgians spotted! I might have left school for *lemme count* 7 years but the Georgians spirit is still embedded inside.Photobucket

 Well, find your directions yet?Photobucket

I walked into quiet lanes where there were less people and some non, which I later found that there is this interesting cars were parked by the roadside.PhotobucketPhotobucket

Simply reminds me these … Photobucket

A visit to the Cheah Kongsi for the first time.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

So much to see and capture on the interiors and architectures.Photobucket

A row of pre-war houses.Photobucket

Another piece of art by Zach.Photobucket

Masjid Melayu.Photobucket

Get your directions right.Photobucket

They have got all the vintage bicycle parked.PhotobucketPhotobucket

This huge bamboo umbrella reminds me of Chiangmai so much.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Its all scatered mainly around Armenian street. You gotta hunt a bit for the mural but they are so pretty obvious which its very unlikely to get it missed.

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2 Responses to Georgetown Festival 2012

  1. Hong C. Wern says:

    i have never got the real chance to see the murals yet..but soon 😀

  2. Girlie says:

    I always love your pics – how do you make them so lomo looking or do you shoot with a lomo camera? I am still looking for that 3D sculpture thing you posted last on the Georgetown Fest blog and also the one of the little girl in blue pressing on the windows.

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