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Chiangmai 06/12: Birthday Treat!

Tweet Got the flights to Chiangmai exactly a year ago and of course, being me, I wouldn’t be doing the research early until 2 weeks before the trip. Frankly, everything was kinda last minute and that includes my passport as … Continue reading

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Tweet Oh yes! Exhausted I definitely am. A week of hiatus away from everything, awesome but tiring. Anyway, complete update on the trip as soon as I rejuvenate! 🙂 It took me a lot of courage to have make this … Continue reading

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Renewing the Passport the Diva Way

Tweet My passport is expiring in December hence I will need to renew it prior to 6 months before. I sulk at managing time sometimes when work piled and it keeps topping up with the fact that I need the … Continue reading

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Birthday Dinner with MILF Babes

Tweet As I thought that it was a normal dinner gathering for the girls, it turned out to be something else. Perhaps, very unexpected. The boys had flown to Miri for their ever-looking-forward-trip to Luconia. Its gonna be a quiet … Continue reading

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Sakae Sushi

Tweet Woooo! I will never say no to Japs Food! I am a huge fan of Japanese Food! How can I say no?! All along, the impression that Japs Food gives us would be “moving food” served, meaning food which … Continue reading

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