Sam & Jessie’s

Made a trip to the city last weekend. It was not for any events or parties but for a friend. For a friend who is tying the knot. A friend whom I first met in Perth. Anyway, the getting ready took me half an hour and I was getting so anxious about everything. The traffic, the venue, and me against the time ; as I am not familiar with the city.

To be honest, I was so afraid that I am gonna turn out super late due to most of the roads being blocked due to Bersih. Anyway, I made it in time. Special thanks to a sweet friend.

Decided to put on this black dress for the reception 🙂 urmmm… obviously it wasn’t my wedding!

Obviously I did not carry my big ass camera along as well 🙂

Hello, babes! It has been so long I last met Parrish, and it was about 9 months ago, I caught up with Regine. One is missing 🙁 But anyhoo, I’ll still be seeing you this July 🙂

Such a sweet moment. He was singing to his wife.

Ohh, ya! Not to forget the groom 🙂 Congrats, Sam & Jessie!

… and having this entry being posted today, Happy Birthday to you too, Sam 🙂

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  1. sherineM says:

    very the hiao la the first pic…… hahahahah

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