Soap&Glory: Yum at Heart Gift Set



I start liking Soap & Glory. I am not a bimbotic girl who cares so much on hand creams but not this time. When I stepped into Sephora last weekend, there was this pink cookie tin which caught my attention knowing not what it is. No, we do not have Sephora in Penang. Hence, the first thing when I’m in the city, I’ll gush there, where many girls find it as “heaven”. The best part was to view the range of Soap & Glory on the shelf. My oh my … I just feel like having the entire shelve in my room. One reason would be cuz its Pink. I just can’t say no to PEEEENK!

Anyway, back to the pink cookie tin. It is actually known as “Yum at Heart Gift Set” , which is also a Christmas gift set. I know I sound super outdated but really, I don’t see this anywhere in Penang. Can’t blame me though. Anyway, that doesn’t matter now cuz I have bought the set for myself as a gift for the month of April :P What an excuse.

The flaming anxiety in me rises when I got home as I am too eager to try out the Breakfast Scrub Sugar Body Smoother. As an outdoor person, I believe getting sunburn is normal and scrub would help much in removing the layer of dead skin. Getting rid of the dead skin will help to absorb the products you apply effectively. Breakfast Scrub Sugar Body Smoother is not too fine and you will feel the smoothness of your skin right away. No oily or sticky texture which I heart most! The best part of it would be … it smells utterly DELICIOUS, with maple fragrance topping up with exfoliator with organic cupuacu bio scrubs, bananas, almond and honey extracts.

The non-greasy Hand Food took my breath away. I don’t carry hand cream in my bag until Hand Food has it at 50ml. Tiny and sleek, squeeze it and apply! With shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow in the hand cream? Sounds more like food than just a hand cream. Non-greasy, really!

“Yum at Heart Gift Set” contains:

  • SOAP & GLORY PINK COOKIE TIN – which Hand Food, The Breakfast Scrub and the Soap & Glory print apron
All for RM69 @ Sephora!

Sunset Makes Me Happy

Fantabulous weekend with the anglers. I haven’t been touching my camera for at least a light year? I realized that I have been relying on my iPhone a lot that I am too lazy to carry my camera nowadays but I don’t have an excuse when it comes to sunset.


Perhaps, this round was not just purely sunset. The boys started venturing into cycling, which is now the in thing in town. I’ve been seeing people cycling at night, not just one but a bunch of them! Now that I FINALLY find it interesting to cycle. Gosh! I hope I won’t give up on it soon :P

Right, now I admit this. My butt is sore after a “dunno-how-many-kilometers” ride. I can see two red patches on my ass when I was showering. And, now what?! I don’t wanna have bruises! Tell me no bruises please, please, please! Well, sunsets remind me of a person. A person who have had entered a phase on my life, not too long, not too short, but I am not sure if it is worth remembering. Yet, I can never forget. Moments of sun changes every second when it sets ; it can never be the same for any other day.

Haven’t been cycling since a year which I did it back in China :) Now, it feels good, it does. *rub ass* I hope the soreness will be over soon :(

Never thought I would be doing this. I think I miss taking pictures more than anything now.

Cycling Kaki

At a junction which I’ll just see kampungs and villages and kampungs along the way.

The JunctionKnotDSC_0535

At a point of time where my Flickr account seemed dead. LOL. But now, I have just decided to revive everything. Its just part of me.PPS3523

If life were simpler, we would live in a small quiet village :) I always love sunsets which I can never get enough.

Sunset 22042012

Sunset 22042012Sunset 22042012

 If you were to ask, I really wish that life could be simpler.

Life Goes On

Bringing Back The Joy In Cambodia

I know this is random but after years of travelling together, the videos taken 3 years ago still made my day :)

A million thanks to Satkuru. He, who managed to captured all the wonderful moments back in Cambodia, January 2009. Each time he compiled and post them up on Facebook, I’ll be able to have a good laugh over it and it reminds me of the splendid time we had in Cambodia. Not to forget, the crew made the trip a tremendous one. Hope you guys enjoy the videos!

*Credits to Satkuru.

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