Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

… and so, not that we have nothing better to do. It’s a Friday night and why wanna waste it? I sleep early lately and my definition of “sleep early” would probably be 12am?! Well, thats of course not the highlight of it. Finally, the long awaited day has came, the Oilrig trip that the boys have been looking forward to and now, the babes are left with a peace of mind. While they were away, of course, as usual we met up but with a slight different. The girls dressed up for the night and … oh well, we did not go for ‘man hunt’. Sigh … but we had fun.

Was trying out Fruit Waffle. Ain’t that bad 🙂

Celine, thanks for being our chauffeur tonight.

Look at that happy faces when the boys are not around 🙂

Looks like most of us are on the pink side tonight.

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