Santa Came Early!

It was just a usual boring working day, particularly, my mood is usually different especially when it comes to meetings. No, fun! Just when I left for lunch, a call came. It was an unknown number and I thought it might be some direct selling or credit card thingy. Its uber annoying when you just had got the time to rest, particularly lunch time! Anyway, this guy spoke to me in Mandarin. Oh, gawd! Crazy can. On a stressful day, could you at least don’t challenge me with Mandarin! I can’t speak those “shi-bu-shi”! 🙁

Until the 34th second of him talking, I heard “florist”. I was like …

Me: urmmm … florist?
Florist: Ya. Florist. Soong hwa .. Ni de office shi jiao shen me ming?
Me: XXXXX zhai Bayan Lepas na bian.
Florist: Ohh, wo zhi dao liao. Wo hui jiao wo de driver soong chu ni de lobby.
Me: Ohh, ok! Xie xie.

… Don’t you think its amazing? I can speak Mandarin out of the blue! That was one. Second, who would send me flowers on a Tuesday? Its not my birthday. No, not any special day. I was left clueless 🙁 but I do have one person in mind.

Well, I got it right 😀20120101-013158.jpg

Thank you, Superman <3

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