Behind 50, Love Lane

Behind 50

Behind50! I finally found you! Its actually along Muntri Street, at the corner. Gahhhh. Now, I’m better on the hidden lorongs in Penang. I purchased 2 sets of lunch/dinner from The awesome part was, it costs me only RM23.80. Cheap, cheap! But tonight, I have an additional headcount as Wendy tag along. Hence, the set dinner cost me RM19.90 without the voucher. But heyyy! Its still reasonable!


I love the ambiance! Totally! Its original and again, vintage! I believe I have a lot of friend s who enjoy such places especially photographers! The best part would be the combination of the food served and the ambiance is the bomb! Its good and guess you will know where to find me in the weekends 🙂

Behind 50 at night!

Behind 50 @ Night


Wall of Frames

Wall of frames


The ancient typewriter

We had spaghetti bolognaise and cabonara. Both two thumbs up! For those who enjoy food and people who please their taste buds, this is the place to be.

The Sisters

The set lunch/dinner comes with:
a bowl of yummilicious mushroom soup
Mushroom Soup

+ garlic bread

Garlic Bread

+ a main course


+ an ice-cream

+ a drink
Blueberry Tea
Enough for me for the day anyway. Felt rather bloated. Very, indeed.

I was seriously amused by the decorations.
The Player

Well, you can call up to do your bookings 🙂

Address: Behind 50, Love Lane.

Mon – Wed:11:30-01:00                     Fri – Sun:11:30-01:00


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  2. horny donkey says:

    I like the owner, she is always wearing something sexy, or skimpy, yummeh, food is considerably good, interesting flavours, love the ambiance, the antique decor too, brings back childhood memories

  3. horny donkey says:

    hi tetekn

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