The Welcome Dinner

Well, this trip is very spontaneous and unintentional, in the sense whereby I just need a break. Since its gonna be a long weekend, I guess I deserve to get out of town, seeking for some fun?! Anyway, my new found BFF has always been there for me. The last thing she text me before I leave home for airport was asking me to get her Hor Yan Hor ; falling sick upon my arrival! WTF! Anyway, since its gonna be a nursing weekend for me 🙁 , decided to buy a packet of barley and some rock sugar as well. We headed to Chef & Brew for dinner. Met up with some of her very nice anti-social bimbotic friends.


I was super fungry.

Testing some so called bokeh 😛




The mayor of Chef & Brew recommended Tiramisu.


Just cake. The later night gone wild 😛

The blur one, with love <3


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