The Long Weekend

Long weekend sounded awesome ain’t it? And many of my friends thought I would be travelling again but well, I did not just disappoint them but I disappoint myself too. I actually thought that I could cook up a last minute plan but at the end of it, I kinda fall for the comfy weekend of staying home. I guess that’s about it. Along the 4 days, there are things going on though. Itsy-bitsy ones?! Oh, well. I guess I have been partying slightly too hard for the past weekends. Time to slow down a bit. For the first time, I left home without my cam 🙂 Handbag feels so much lighter can!


It all started with laksa and gym, followed by Red Riding Hood. Another love story between a girl and a werewolf. I prefer vampires. With high hopes to stumble upon vampires for the night, I ended up bumping into Bone. Guess, the last time we met was ages ago since the last barbeque!

Drinks at Overtime with Lina and Akmal. Laugh over lame jokes. Yea, the toilet one again! LOL. FML!


Dindin with the BFFs at Coffee Island. With high hopes wanting to dine in at Crepe Cottage which turned out to be super full. Extreme turn off.



Dindin at Chillis as Crepe Cottage is CLOSED! *hates*


That’s about it when my phone landed in their hands. Mark my words, MY PHONE IN THEIR HANDS!

Minny, thank you and I <3 you for a reason ; for you being you! Let the video speaks itself.



The Tatt Day! Sent the Pwince off and that’s about it, how my long weekend ended tragically.



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