Kota Kinabalu 03/11 : The Journey

It started with the random idea of myself planning to take a few days off or probably kill the weekends by myself. Somewhere breath taking and alone, at least for once. Guess someone found out about my plans and decided to go with me ; not just one but another six. There goes my supposedly “weekend alone”. Since these friends of mine decided to join, I have to somewhat cook up an itinerary at the very least. No more ad hoc plans and I have to remember that I am not alone this trip. Hence, I booked a night flight and touched KK at 10.15pm. I hired a driver to pick us up from KKIA to bring us back home.

Well, time to chill a little, just that not as expected. Believe me, my first time to the other side of Malaysia. The day started at 8, headed to Tamparuli for breakfast. I usually eat light whenever I am travelling.

Hot Milo

The rest had noodles. Urmm … its different compared the ones we have here.

The KK Crew.

The KK Crew

It was pretty cold, but yeahh… all in shorts. Ultimate genius! Kinabalu Park, we were at.


Wet and green.

The Crew


Strawberry ice cream, anyone?

Strawberry Ice-Cream

Fresh strawberries from Kundasang Strawberry Park.




Breath-taking view!

With lotsa lovely flowers!


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