Ipoh 03/11 : The Accidental Road Trip

Good morning, rise and shine baby!

Ever wonder why my pictures are all from my phone? I geared up with 2 batteries which later found out that I left my memory card at home πŸ™‚ Awesome, no?
Sunrise 19032010


I have never get the chance to catch sunrise, just not today πŸ™‚ With little expectation that the day is gonna do fine. It had been raining for weeks. The weather had been cranky. Oh, well.Β Random enough that my girl friends is craving for dim sum in Foh San, Ipoh. A place where I consider a lil over-rated. The 3-hour ride was … urm … alright. Just a 4-hour sleep for me for staying up late but the night before was great.

Invading a town am not familiar. We were turning round and round around the town looking for Foh San. I trust my phone. Just that … iPhone’s battery drain damn fast. Anyway, we decided to park on the side of a main road and go on foot with GPS. OMG! Look so dumb-blonde! I found the point of the restaurant, which I ended up at an alley between a few kopitiams. As soon as I told my friend that I can’t rely on my phone any longer, she pointed to me that the restaurant actually located on the opposite road. Call me a blind bat. While crossing over, I stumbled upon something that grabbed my attention. Urmm, nope. Not a oh-so-gorgeous guy. Its a pussy instead. Awhhh … let’s not bug and let the poor lil one sleep.

Welcome to Ipoh πŸ™‚

It has been years I last stepped on the soil of Perak. LOL. Otherwise I won’t be condemned by some people.

Looks calm. I should move to a quieter town instead.

Speaking about breakfast. Seriously, I am not a big fan of having heavy meals in the morning. Maybe, I’ll need to give it a miss this time but not too much too. I can’t take in much in the morn.

Errmmm … I don’t eat those. *shivers*
Chicken leg

When I first stepped into Foh San, I don’t hear locals. Everyone around me seemed to speak my kind of Hokkien. Once we got ourselves seated, I saw a familiar face. Funny thing is I did not approach him. I dropped a message on his Facebook wall asking if he is in Ipoh. Oh, well. The last time we met was 3 years back in Perth. Right. 3 years later, we see each other in Ipoh?! It was a great catch up too.

After hours of stuffing ourselves with urmmm … meat?! We finally decided to leave. I just realized that both my friends can’t speak canton. LOL.

What do you do when you can’t speak canto when you need to?

Thats Ipoh for now. I know not where else to go. Jess, please advise!

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5 Responses to Ipoh 03/11 : The Accidental Road Trip

  1. Jessica says:

    wah u wan me advice aper lah?

    first, i dun go foh san for dim sam…cz of its overated price. =.=” u either go opposite foh san, the ming kok there…..or errrr, nowadays i go bong chan my friend’s dim sam stall. haha!

    must go to the authentic oldtown streets for breakfast pun mah!!!! u can’t miss that….can’t do if hari hari franchise oldtown kopitiam, but nvr go to the real streets for the real authentic white coffee and ipoh style breakfast!

    can go tai shu keok there for cheap YTF! YTF, not WTF a…yong tau foo πŸ˜› cheap and nice laksa there. πŸ™‚

    • millymin millymin says:

      See. I knew you would say that. LOL. Urmmm.. why don’t we do this. I’ll go when you’re there. LOL the thing is, I don’t think I’ll be there anytime soon anyway. But I’m kinda interested in the drive thru taufufah!

      The WTF is so nais?

      • Jessica says:

        what lahhhhh…it’s YTF loh. see, i tau lah u sure said WTF =.=”
        hmmm, not bad lah..and the laksa toooo loh. which i don’t know it’ll be as nice as your penang laksa tak. =P to me, it’s decent loh.

        • millymin millymin says:

          Hahaha! Dangg! Penang laksa is STILL the best πŸ˜› … but i havent tried any other laksa actually. hehe. OMG! We are gonna eat dunno what for the next few days! Siow char bor can camho πŸ˜›

  2. Jessica says:

    ohyea, drive-thru tau fu fah!

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