Toba 02/11 : Waking up in Samosir

A place everyone wanna be 🙂 We stayed at Tabo Cottage (highly recommended). Waking up to a place where you can never feel and experience when you are back to the concrete, hectic world.Room Key

Tabo Cottage

… and I really love the place we stayed. I have ample space in room just to do anything. I got up a couple of times in the middle of the night. It was cold, or maybe just me.

How often do one get to wake up to sound of birds chirping in a nice cool weather watching the rising of the sun?

Sunrise at SamosirThe beau gone missing when I got up. Washed up and left the room for the beau. As soon as I opened the door, the island actually made me feel like home. Gazing at the sky, I knew where the beau would be, yea and I found him 🙂

Sunrise at Samosirand we did … spending the time together watching and photographing the rise of the sun in Samosir. It was wonderful.

SunriseSomething which we don’t do often and you treasure the time especially when you have the opportunity.

While waiting for the rest to get ready, I went to the lily pond which I’ve spotted the night before. They are all simply gorgeous, blooming in fuchsia.


Yet to bloom

The tiny little one.The Little One

Waking up at 6am in such a beautiful island for a course. Guess what?! Up Next 😀

Tuk-tuk – Lake Toba
Samosir, North Sumatera 22395 Indonesia
Phone: +62-625-451318

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  1. jo says:

    how you managed to book the room? i tried times yet no reply from them 🙁
    pls email me 😀

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