Toba 02/11: The Last Ferry

The journey continued and the rain began to pour. It started to leak towards the back of the van, some bags got wet and even myself. We told the driver to drop us at the jetty and the best part was, he couldn’t find his way. We pulled over, seeing many shops, asking around, looking for the right direction in the shortest time possible cuz there’s always a last ferry ride of the day. The rain was indeed heavy and the beau got wet hahah poor boy.

Talk Less Do MoreLittle did I know, the locals were watching us 🙂

It took us a while before we could find our way but at least we did 🙂 It was a relief. It costs us 300,000 Rupiah to ship 13 of us over to the other side across to Samosir Island and that is considered as overpriced as we missed the previous ferry. If we chose to wait for the next 45 minutes, then we will be able save a lil bit. Just that all of us were too excited and anxious to get over to the other side. Noone really bothered about paying a lil extra just to get ourselves to the island.

The Last FerryIt slowly got darker and colder, what more it had been pouring bulls and cows. To me its cold. Beau’s jacket not enough for me.

Does the ferry look scary to you? With a bunch of friends I might not be afraid, but if I were to do it alone, I might have considered a couple of times.

Just two

Unfortunately, no sunset for us. I was hoping for some extravaganza, gorgeous sunset in Medan. A lil disappointed but yet again, we can’t foresee the weather. What to do? At least the potholes drove us crazy.

Cloudy Sunset

The wet day.CloudyThe ride was scary! The ferry actually broke down in the middle of nowhere and that’s when the idea of Somali pirates slowly creep in. Yea, that is the bunch of travel kakis I have 🙂

The Ferry

Part of the crew. On the ferry we were, waiting for the rundown vehicle to be fixed.. . . all were relieved when we touched the land, the island known as Samosir. Can’t wait to check out our cottage!

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  1. thily says:

    the locals were watching us hahahahaha ;-). bcos you are very ‘sui’ arr emily

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