Glutinous Balls

Glutinous Balls in fluorescent colours.

*I editted the photos* :S hee

Happy Winter Solstice!

I noticed I have not been writing much lately 🙂 Nothing much though. If I really need to rant, I guess I’ll have too much to say. I know, I complaint a lot. At times, you just need to bear with me.

So, what’s up for Christmas? Urghh … I need a getaway badly, thats the only thing I am hoping for before the year ends. Had been having guests lately, hence my weekends were all packed but well, I enjoyed myself. Awesome companions.


Christmas decos. Awesome can!

Ice Cream

… and yes, I have given up on bob and I have been keeping my hair for months now. I don’t know if I should cut 🙂


Its time to make up my mind 🙂

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