iPhone4 Review: Camera Quality on Low Light & Antenna

It was a Friday night and I didn’t have any plans until LK called up for a coffee session. Hence, we decided to hit G-Spot ; my first time! If you’re a jazz lover like me, you’ll love this place. A place to free your mind off work 🙂 I decided to try out the iPhone4 video at night with minimum light supply, and this is what I get:

I realized that when iPhone is under a certain low light condition, the camera pumps up the ISO and noise will start to creep in. There’s relatively low noise from the rear-illuminated CMOS sensor when it is under such condition.

Anyhow, it still managed to produce satisfactory video quality only when the lighting is sufficient. Tap focus, flash and switching cameras all work for video except for zoom. The screen will switch to widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio when you do a double-tapping. But I would consider it to be ain’t that bad as unlike many other mobile, when one is trying to video under a low lighting condition, it will probably turn out to be black with sound or voices in the background but this video was taken with the lighting on the stage and the ambiance was considered dark, with no lighting over at some area. The availability of this smartphone actually make me leave my compact camera at home. The thought of “Why carry so many things when I have an all in one gadget?” Well, the video quality is sufficient for casual use.

The Antenna
Many had users had been talking about the reception of this phone and yes, it did failed on me. The quality of voice call decreased until the point whereby the caller decided to text me as I can’t be heard. I have read over the news that the reception problems have plagued the latest version of Apple’s smartphone from the start. Yet, I don’t see any decline number of purchasers on iPhone4 as I still have colleagues who are willing to queue just to own this gadget.  I am of course proud to walk around with one especially when people “hoo-haa” over it when I answer calls. However, the iPhone 4’s cellular antenna runs around the edge of the phone just right where left-handed users tend to rest their palms. When the antenna area is touched the quality will only diminished a minimal amount on other handsetscall. I have also read that in order to eliminate the call quality issues, using a bumper does help. In a more technical term, the bumper will work as a ground to the exposed antenna.
I probably have a few more videos before I wrap up the entire review. Stay tune!
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  1. Tamil says:

    well what can i say….getting the best complains and compliments about the iphone from Diva its self..:)

    thanks for the review darling..update us more..

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