Mei’s Homecoming

Here, this is my horny toy.
My horny phone

*wave* Hello Mei, welcome home!
I want my Rayban when you go back 🙂 Thanks!

The Queen is back!

So happened bumped into Imel, Honey and WanYee celebrating Nono’s birthday.

The wind was so strong and it ruined my hair!!!

Mei &I

Kinda like the colourful rice.

Mine 🙂 Always have the same thing when am at Winter Warmers.

We were there after movie, laughed like nobody’s business with everyone else’s head turned around staring at us, the few jakuns. The catch up session started when the sun was still scorching hot until it sets. We went for The Expendables. I find it not too bad until I was told Cynthia slept in the cinema.

with Cynthia & Su Ding


with Mei & Cynthia

Su Ding tried very hard to intro guys to me 😛

Su Ding & Mei
Cynthia & I

Thanks for the day! Otherwise, I’ll be rotting at home

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4 Responses to Mei’s Homecoming

  1. Cynthia Kim says:

    LOL. So fast that u've uploaded them here. Nice ones. Wei i slept in the cinema coz i went to bed late the nite before ma. Ish….lol

  2. millymin says:

    hahahahahahahhaha! I din say why you slept in the cinema also! Of course must update la… cuz we have MORE outings before Mei goes back. Otherwise cham! I'll have a big time sitting in front of lappy uploading pictures. hahha

  3. Mei Qi says:

    Hey yo! Thanks for uploading the photos! Yeah, more outings! By the way this Su Ding gonna go KL this Saturday. So Friday Korean BBQ is cancelled. So we wait till early September then? 4 September when everyone dapat gaji first??

  4. millymin says:

    You are most welcome, Mei. Noted! At least I can free myself on Friday to sleep and slumber my way earlier before preparing myself for Satuday. hehe

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