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Farewell & Promotion

Tweet A day whereby QE’s are able to leave work earlier 🙂 First of all, I would like to congratulate myself for being able to organize this. What to do… Boss ask me to do, I cannot say no 😛 … Continue reading

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Joyous June

Tweet Hello June, the month which brought me joy. 1. I iz 24! Yes TWENTY FOUR but with one candle.Its ok, one will do. [Stole this pic from Elvin :P] 2. Work is getting slightly better *touchwood* hope it remains … Continue reading

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Pulau Aman II

Tweet Oh, well. It was still kinda cool for a super short hiatus like that. How I wish for something more. Going around doing random snaps as a past time, why not? The weather was indeed hot, but windy. A … Continue reading

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Satooordae Stress Away!

Tweet It was another random night when my clubbin’ kakis dropped me a text. Met some new friends, had hell a crazy night with lotsa Pitbull and Lady Gaga! How can you stop your booty from shakin’? When BFFs meets … Continue reading

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A day before the actual

Tweet It had been an effen hectic week but again, what can I say… sighh! #1: Early “present” from customer – A RTS unit ATTENTION TO EMILY CHONG ; faulty power supply! Thanks for the workload now $!@& and this … Continue reading

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