Koca Steamboat

Dinner was at Koca Restaurant, located at Prima Tanjung.
Well, not bad though. It’s a buffet steamboat but it does not allow you to take it by yourself but instead, you have to place your order even though its a free flow. I know I just recently had BBQ Steamboat but this time with another bunch of friends.

They do serve fried dumplings, really nice otherwise we won’t even re-order!


Well nothing so special about eating steamboat. All about the same!
Its just that probably, the venue.
Anyway, we have been refilling out drink so much that we emptied it. Then it was left empty for quite sometime. Like wth? This restaurant hires only ONE waitress and the waitress looks like she is in her teens where she needs to serve, clean, refill soup and basically everything you can imagine in a steamboat restaurant.


I waited for quite a while before I get to refill my next cup of orange juice. =.=
Without hesitation, I took my camera out from my bag, trying to capture the picture of the empty dispensers. After the next moment, immediately I saw the guy refill the dispensers. LOL! So, I feel that cameras are useful in the sense whereby when the service is not as expected, camera speaks and the camera’s flash will “yell”!


Before we even finish having our main dish, we have already started eating the desert and one thing I like about this place is the ice-cream is harden unlike the melted one in Mizi, NWP. But well, it has its con too. It was so hard until I can only scoop up very little.

A little as this:

Ice cream

Ehh! Hello! STOP laughing at my amount of ice-cream can!

Isn’t this bowl of ice-cream looks so yummilicious with the “nuts”?
What makes you think that they are nuts? Why can’t they be something which physically looked like nuts but they ain’t nuts?

Peppermint ice cream + garlic

Oh, poor Minny! She had her ice-cream with toppings! What kinda topping you wonder? yea… it was fried garlic! OMG!!! I wonder how can Minny have ice-creams with fried garlic as toppings! She of course did not do it in purpose. This is when you judge a book by its cover! Hence, she judge the toppings by its colour!

CH, uses all his strength to scoop it up!


But somewhat I felt, we laughed more than we ate!
I now my stomach is like having a turbine in it spinning non-stop due to the tomyam soup! Anyway, tomorrow would be another BBQ Steamboat dinner with High School Mates! Can you believe it? How many times I need to eat so much Vs the frequency of hitting the gym!

Anyway, I’ll be leaving for Singapore on Wednesday for a good 2 weeks until after New Year! Do miss me okayy! I shall blog from Singapore once I have got my Internet connection =D Anyone has an Xmas gift for me? =)

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