[TAIWAN] : Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

I have requested for an early check-in with Forte Orange Hotel but unfortunately, its full (although it was not a peak season) hence, I decided to drop my luggage with them and head out for a stroll. It took me a while to adapt to the hot and dry weather. Headed to Ximen MRT, hop onto the Green Line to Chiang Kai-Shek station (which is 2 stations away from Ximen) which cost me 20 TWD one-way. First, I gotta say, I know no Chinese at all. At the rate of my knowledge in speaking Mandarin, I’m glad I survived Taiwan. I can’t read or write in Chinese. If I’m able to survive Taiwan, I guess to all my fellow friends who are English ed, you can do it too :) Once you step out of the MRT station, you will be able to spot Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall from afar. Not hard at all I guess. There are sign boards everywhere. Just follow!

 photo DSC_0889_zpsygdaa9or.jpg

The front Memorial Hall of Chiang Kai- Shek. photo DSC_0891_zps5ke4keyu.jpg

For those who does not know : “The National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is a Taiwanese national monument, landmark and tourist attraction erected in memory of Chiang Kai-shek, former President of the Republic of China.” ~ Wikipedia

 photo DSC_0892_zpsiiljq5za.jpg

The main based of the building is constructed with marbles. The entrance to the main hall is made via a series of 88 steps (the age of Chiang Kai-Shek when he died).

 photo 11754317_10153496702798308_7867849077397263483_o_zpsmqqjx68y.jpg
 photo 11722537_10153500248693308_1487083923228276291_o_zps3nzogcm5.jpg
 photo DSC_0893_zpsjbvodtu3.jpg

There’s a bronze statue of Chiang Kai-Shek in the main memorial hall. photo DSC_0908_zpsq8xokkox.jpg photo DSC_0909_zpsnvcclmvw.jpg

There were on-going events as well. Hence, Transformer photo DSC_0895_zpskpyhowfp.jpg

There were exhibition on the Japanese Occupation days too. photo DSC_0896_zpsgzivgxmm.jpg photo DSC_0897_zpsk6gzqohm.jpg photo DSC_0898_zpsfrtscxkz.jpg photo DSC_0899_zpszwn0asoe.jpg photo DSC_0914_zps1sdaaybe.jpg photo DSC_0915_zpsyqwunyvp.jpg photo DSC_0918_zpsq7q4ddh4.jpg

There’s a small lake nearby. photo DSC_0920_zpsedbdqypc.jpg photo DSC_0927_zps6p5dvut1.jpg

Well, there are a few entrances to the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. Here is one of it besides the main entrance. photo DSC_0945_zpsr0xcg0bj.jpg photo 11754707_10153496265903308_245916931942306928_o_zpsoajqpruw.jpg

Address: 100, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, 中山南路21號
Tel: +886-2-2343-1100
Website: http://www.cksmh.gov.tw/eng/index.php
Open Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Admission is FREE.

Getting There:
Take THSR or train to Taipei Station. transfer Taipei MRT to CKS Memorial Hall Station.

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ArtScience Museum SINGAPORE

… and hence, I find that #ActingTourist is fun. Spent a pleasant Sunday at the ArtScience Museum Singapore and as expected most of the time spent was at Dreamworks. I believe it will be the same for everyone else especially those who bring their kids along. I’m a big child myself!

ArtScience Museum offers FREE admission to SINGAPORE STORIES: THEN.NOW.TOMORROW from July 14th, 2015 to October 4th, 2015.

SINGAPORE STORIES: THEN.NOW.TOMORROW photo 20150726_142244_zpsf9qotjny.jpg photo 20150726_142527_zpso0jkopuv.jpg

Singapore then. photo 20150726_142847_zps8ziezuzy.jpg

Pretty interesting to and understand Singapore’s history better. photo 20150726_142945_zpsesusonfz.jpg photo 20150726_143315_zpsszvds2wq.jpg photo 20150726_144613_zpsyuatu4bi.jpg

I took the opportunity to try out the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition for Note 4. It has a 360 degrees panoramic view, and I was mesmerized by the technology. photo IMG_20150727_3_zpsfd3poer3.jpg photo IMG_20150727_2_zps4aswzirk.jpg

Headed over to the basement, there’s where The Sea and Dreamworks are.

At The Deep:

This is the first sea creature I saw as I entered The Deep. Being like a kid, I was mesmerized and scared at the same time.  All my life, I never thought there will be such a creature living in the sea and this sea creature is known as Black Dragon.

 photo 20150726_150934_zpsrpclr59l.jpg photo 20150726_151129_zps6z9qpyax.jpg photo 20150726_151518_zpsdma3o6ug.jpg photo ArtScience Sg_zpsszkbrhkh.jpg

Atlantic Football Fish. The female is able to grow up to 46 cm. Well, if I am thrown into a deep sea, I wouldn’t even know that this is a fish!

 photo 20150726_152333_zps9mt24nl7.jpg photo 20150726_153129_zpsikdjngxy.jpg

Fangtooth has long sharp teeth which makes it a formidable predator. Its fangs can possibly injured itself for its perforated sockets which have developed on its palate and allow it to house its fangs safely. photo 20150726_153315_zps9owmkl1k.jpg

This is humpback blackdevil which made up of only teeth and a mouth with frightening monster traits. Its able to grow up to 20 cm but it is a poor swimmer due to its flabby rounded body. It chooses to attract its prey using a luminous fishing rod instead of chasing them in the pitch black deep-sea environment.  photo 20150726_153420_zpslmzpochh.jpg photo 20150726_153500_zpsks1ioxdd.jpg

At Dreamworks: photo 20150726_150421_zps4boqox2e.jpg photo 20150726_150429_zpstkcpqdki.jpg

The sketches of Madagascar! photo 20150726_155537_zpsag6fiui7.jpg

Here is how all your Dreamworks cartoons started from scratch. photo IMG_20150726_13_zpsmbe3qgzl.png photo IMG_20150727_6_zpspm7hvflj.jpg photo 20150726_163343_zpsrwo79c5o.jpg

 Can’t get enough! Really!

For Ticketing: photo Fullscreen capture 282015 34002 PM.bmp_zpspqejpilx.jpg


The ArtScience Museum Singapore
Add: 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974
Tel: +65 6688 8888
Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

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Sometimes its not easy to pour your thoughts and put them into words. “There’s more to live“, a quote that I always tell my friends who turn to me. Just when its me who is going through this, I feel so alone. A little reluctant to share, very much tempted to spill everything which at the end, its best to keep it to myself.

 photo IMG_20150727_1_zpsaknbrhbb.jpg


Spent a quaint Sunday evening, finding myself, picking the shattered pieces is taking too long. Its been months. I need a pillar of strength just cuz I feel I am running out of the ability to stand strong by myself. Sometimes, it can be tough to hold back those tears because I do not want to shed another for you.


Just me.

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[TAIWAN] : Orange Hotel Ximen, Taipei

SponsoredReview / Forte Orange Hotel Taipei

For those who are looking for an affordable accommodation in the heart of Ximen you may consider Orange Hotel Ximending in Taipei. Forte Orange Hotel was opened back in 2013. Its decent and well-equipped with all basic necessities.

Ximending (西門町), a heaven for all shopaholics as it is famous for its shopping area located at the west of Taipei. At Ximending shopping street, you may find all sorts of items from fashion, food to entertainment!

Most of the travelers will arrive at Taoyuan Airport. (Do take note that there is another airport : Songshan Airport) As soon as you arrive at Taoyuan Airport, purchase a bus ticket at 90TWD from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Main Station by 1961 West Bus. The journey will take about 70-90 minutes depending on traffic congestion. The first 1961 West Bus will commence at Hour0440 and the last bus will be at Hour2300. From Taipei Main Station, take the MRT to Ximen, which is one station away at 20TWD. Look for Exit 1 as it is the nearest exit to Forte Orange Hotel (approximately 150meters/2mins walk away)

Orange Hotel-Ximen, Taipei
From the outside photo 20150718_124704_zpsf4nxze5j.jpg photo IMG_20150718_8_zpsfkk8gcew.png

Front Desk photo 20150718_124339_zpsf5uj9v7f.jpg

The Insights photo DSC_0972_zps7mivt2qk.jpg

Cozy room with a comfy bed. The room is equipped with complimentary WIFI, bottled water, air-conditioning, coffee and tea bags, hairdryer, LCD with cable TV channels and mini-fridge.

 photo DSC_0949_zps1fkcp1pr.jpg photo DSC_0957_zps9auqwqpw.jpg photo DSC_0950_zpsd8nc2alv.jpg

Day View photo DSC_0958_zpsavmrslm3.jpg

Night View photo DSC_0960_zpsinilx61o.jpg photo DSC_1023_zpstf8w7zkl.jpg

Efficient house keeping as I have my complimentary bottled water replenish daily with the room tidied up whenever I get back. Clean towels are provided on a daily basis too!

Bathroom photo DSC_0956_zpsswiypi0h.jpg

Facial Cleanser and Body Lotion are complimentary.
 photo DSC_0953_zpsevozunnb.jpg

Love the orange fragrant of the shower gel and shampoo! photo DSC_0955_zps4knznmiv.jpg
 photo DSC_0952_zpsyuzrtx1a.jpg

Breakfast Corner: Milk & Toast {All Day Self-Service} photo DSC_0963_zpssjp3vjvm.jpg

Forte Orange Hotel offers free breakfast for the duration you stay. Its located at the basement of the hotel. Its a cozy corner where all guests sit together as there are two long tables available where you will get to mingle with other guests. Healthy breakfast served as there isn’t a wide range of variety but sufficient. Apple juice and milk were available during my stay.

 photo DSC_0967_zpscmamkvyu.jpg photo DSC_0968_zpsrryu9tfl.jpg

At the same time, this cozy corner also is a 24/7 self-service bar equipped with coffee, tea and snacks. photo PhotoGrid_1437099753400_zpsx63jjapa.jpgI love the fresh loaves served in the morning.

 photo DSC_0964_zpsjkgqvtsy.jpg

Self-service counter where all utensils and cutleries are available. You can be your own barista to brew yourself a hot aromatic cup of coffee. photo DSC_0965_zpsdzcicgce.jpg

Also, there are free fruits offered differs by day. photo DSC_0966_zpsqnhc1jv9.jpg photo DSC_0969_zpsk4mczdkh.jpg

It was a pleasant stay at Forte Orange Hotel as it meets all my basic necessities mainly the facilities available, cleanliness as well as the location! The local food Taiwan famous-for is available just 5-minutes walk away from the hotel. 😀

Double Standard Room at 4300TWD. Check <HERE> as there may be on-going promotions available!

Check In Time: Hour 1500
Check Out Time: Hour 1200
[You may drop a request if early check-ins or any extensions of time needed to check-out]

Reservation can be done <HERE>.

Orange Hotel – Ximen
Address:No.166-2, Sec. 1, Zhonghua Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan

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20th Emirates Singapore Derby Race 2015

I’m really honoured to be invited to the 20th Emirates Singapore Derby Race 2015, which took place on 12 July at Singapore Turf Club. It was indeed an enlightening event for me as its my very first time witnessing a horse race. Its not just a race but it is also celebrating the 20th year of partnership between Emirates and Singapore Turf Club.

This would be my first derby experience, just as I thought derby is all about horse racing, I was completely wrong. There’s a culture to it, that would be fashion rolls into the picture playing a big part in dressing up with fascinators, be it a hat or a feathery headpiece.

 photo DSC_0115_zpsnb93lrya.jpg

You may join the Marquee package which costs $108 nett for ladies and $118 nett for gentlemen. Each package holders will gain admission to the Marquee for a classic buffet spread with free flow of beverages, with a vantage position that promises close-up views of the racing action, next to the turf.

 photo DSC_0114_zpswtb9p8va.jpg

On top of that, all package holders will also receive an exclusive Emirates bear and Emirates cap as mementoes of an afternoon well spent at the Derby.  Parallely , the Club donates $10 to the Community Chest for every package sold. There were also on-going contests such as Emirates Prediction Contest which package holders will stand a chance to win a Chopard pen for each race.

 photo DSC_0125_zps2rx5tzpo.jpg

The adrenaline-pumping scene I first witnessed with an up-close view of the race.

 photo DSC_0121_zpsta4usofu.jpg photo DSC_0123_zpsdzupmt71.jpg

Just when everyone on the track gearing up for the next race.

 photo 20150712_150732_zpsk1f1ch1u.jpg photo 20150712_151204_zpsvjoqwmak.jpg

Guess I look like a midget when the Emirates stewardess stands at at least 5’10″!

 photo IMG_20150712_1_zps3uhwq141.jpg photo DSC_0131_zpsxitvckqi.jpg

The view from the marquee. photo 20150712_160234_zpswpufbo2u.jpg photo 20150712_160237_zpsbfhhvyad.jpg

Somewhat #7 is my favourite … love it’s colour!

 photo DSC_0134_zpszsbxspj2.jpg

We were then ushered to witness the horses trotting by getting ready for the next race.

 photo 20150712_160621_zpsipw654u0.jpg photo 20150712_161958_zps1ckhzmix.jpg

 photo 20150712_162440_zpswop2gsa1.jpg

The fascinating view from the top!

 photo IMG_20150712_2_zpszwes14tj.jpg

We then headed to the birds’ eye view, which you can probably capture a panoramic view of the racecourse.

 photo DSC_0136_zps3aam6p8a.jpg photo DSC_0138_zpswnjrhxqo.jpg

An interesting Sunday evening I had.

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