Instameet at Harry’s Bar, Boat Quay


@SGIG Instameet for the month was held at Harry’s Bar, Boat Quay. Alongside, Harry’s Bar launched their enticing new menu and its pretty exciting to share the experience with fellow Instagramers!

 photo IMG_0999_zpscj5eueim.jpg

Harry’s Bar serves signature cocktail like Eye Candy ($16.00). photo DSC_0661_zpsijprzgh1.jpg

Soy-Glazed Beef Cubes photo DSC_0662_zpsbrery3em.jpg

Harry’s Signature Wings photo DSC_0665_zpsdbwiy5al.jpg

Mushroom & Truffle Oil Flatbread photo DSC_0671_zpsmmzqbxaw.jpg

Sriracha Seafood Flatbread photo DSC_0672_zpsdu1xbrog.jpg

Fillet o’Harry photo DSC_0675_zpsrytarr0o.jpg

 photo DSC_0677_zpsqkkrrypy.jpg

You may opt to for outdoor tables too. photo DSC_0678_zpspitsugbo.jpg

Crispy wings dressed with Harry’s Bar house blends of spices. photo IMG_0984_zps13xrauoi.jpg

Oh, and please allow me to share how this picture came about. Harry’s Bar is running a social media contest. I hope this interest you as much as I do. By participating in this contest, you will be in a running to win $100 of dining credits. To participate, simply post an Instagram shot when dining at Harry’s Bar using the hashtag #HarryDiningSG from now till June 5th 2016. For more details, please log in to or simply stalk Harry’s Instagram account (@Harrysbarsg).

 photo DSC_0680_zpsyrfme0il.jpg

Fell for this mocktail, Peach Cooler, served with Peach and Mint. Very refreshing and indeed it soothes the hot and humid weather in Singapore.

 photo DSC_0682_zpseb7mxeri.jpg

Slow-braised Beef Cheeks photo DSC_0683_zpsyqdj1euw.jpg photo DSC_0687_zpso0cmdwok.jpg


Also, do download Harry’s SG App as members will be able to enjoy much more exclusive privileges to celebrate the new menu. As you download the Harry’s SG App, you will be awarded with $20 dining voucher (valid till 3 July 2016).

Harry’s Bar has  20 outlets islandwide who serves a wide range of high quality beverages and food! A good place for meet ups and catching up with friends.

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Old Boys Gallery

Hunting for a cozy corner or a hideout? Here is one! Old Boys Gallery, located at Kampong Bahru, caters for those who’d love to catch up over a drink or two or perhaps more!

 photo DSC_0606_zpsssycddqx.jpg

Old Boys Gallery offers more than 50 types of beers from all over the globe.

 photo DSC_0590_zpsxqvvvnuh.jpg photo DSC_0607_zpsufplh5ez.jpg

The interior attracted me much. Its painted and decorated with vibrant colours which make the whole ambiance very alive. The artsy-fartsy designs and wall graffiti makes the gastropub a gallery.

 photo DSC_0591_zpsyukpf8me.jpg photo DSC_0600_zps7gnmsdtr.jpg photo DSC_0595_zpsiv8rtxsk.jpg

Manster Burger *beef ($17.90), served with bacon, egg, caramalized onions, cheese fresh greens and fries.  photo DSC_0613_zpsldtzjsqe.jpg

One of Old Boys Gallery’s signature is their Bah kwa Risotto. Yup, it may sound different as the risotto blends into a Chinese cuisine but the difference turns it into a unique and yummy signature.

 photo DSC_0616_zpstmmo2egd.jpg

To all the burger lovers out there, Old Boys Gallery offers Belly Good Burger ($18.90). This is such a promising burger! At a glimpse its indeed fattening, but when you sink your teeth into this stack of burger (which consist of pineapple, bacon, onion ring, sunny side up, melted cheese, fresh vegetables and …. braised pork belly!) you will just forget about diet. Its a juicy combination and rich in flavours.

 photo DSC_0623_zpszho9zwj9.jpg

When spam fries are too mainstream, OBG serves SPAM CHIPS ($9.00).

 photo DSC_0626_zps9npsagj0.jpg

Aside from spam chips, Old Boys Gallery serves Chilli Beef Fries ($13.90). The chilli beef fries consist of chilli beef with kidney beans, fries topped with nacho cheese, mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese. Yumz!

 photo DSC_0627_zps4pxbxdfy.jpg

… and my ultimate choice is Potato Head ($7.90) ; sweet potato fries with curry mustard dip! Simply awesome! photo DSC_0629_zpsgc9ojrs5.jpg photo DSC_0632_zpsklsrwi82.jpg

OBG Wings taste pretty good too! It brings back a lot of child hood memories just cuz the wings are marinated in MARMITE! Madly in love with their wings! Well, its served in 3pcs or 6pcs.

 photo DSC_0633_zpslnucblbn.jpg

On top of all, here comes the highlight of the day. DESSERTS, easing all sweet tooth since ever! OBG serves three types of desserts. Earl Grey Cake with Lavender cake ($7.90) is one of classic signature.

 photo DSC_0639_zps61uwflho.jpg

Coconut Cake with gula melaka ($7.90) tastes a little local but pretty good! photo DSC_0641_zpsbemsidt8.jpg

Devil’s Double Chocolate ($9.00) is sinful! It tops with ice cream when its served! photo DSC_0637_zpsvpsuinur.jpg


Old Boys Gallery
67 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169371
Tel: +65 9187 0756
Opening Hours: 11.3oam to 11.00 pm (Mondays to Saturdays)

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Sushi Mentai @ Amoy Street

SUSHI MENTAI, established in Malaysia with many outlets sprouted in the heartland areas and this will interest the sushi fanatics (like me) in Singapore because I believe you’re beginning to get overly excited like I do cuz Sushi Mentai is here in Singapore, located in the heart of the lion city! Yes, yes, yes! Super love Japs food!

Sushi Mentai brings you affordable quality Japanese food with a wide spread of appetizing sushi available be it ala carte or on the conveyor belt in the Central Business District.

 photo DSC_1429_zpsvyiyunez.jpg

 photo DSC_1391_zpst2no6vtb.jpg

Chawan mushi ($2.30) eat it when its hot! photo DSC_1398_zpsrhzygbc3.jpg photo DSC_1399_zpsa5zkgqg9.jpg

Hana Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe) wrapped with fresh salmon slice. I’d consider it to be quite a thick wrap for $1.30/pcs*. photo DSC_1392_zps5l82kj3d.jpg

Salmon Sushi with Onion photo DSC_1394_zpssmkduenk.jpg

One of my favourite, Salmon Mentai. The mentai used is yummy as most of the ingredients and condiments used by Sushi Mentai are imported from Japan.

 photo DSC_1393_zpsmypowkcq.jpg photo DSC_1402_zpsiywgtf0e.jpg

Salmon Mentai Dragon Maki ($7.50) served creamy mentaiko with a slice of salmon slapped on top of the roll! photo DSC_1405_zpsnabvvurp.jpg photo DSC_1407_zpskmwzbgrn.jpg

Sake, anyone? There are a few types of sake available, and it all depends on your preference, be it strong or sweet. Me? I like this one.
 photo DSC_1395_zpsxta7ubhn.jpg
 photo DSC_1410_zpsr6ntxtfa.jpg

Chirashi, serves fresh and value for money! photo DSC_1414_zpsyonboij0.jpg

Salmon Mentaiyaki served with two slices of grilled salmon coated with mentai sauce. Taste really awesome! photo DSC_1416_zpswnz4dtwy.jpg

Well, this ain’t a sashimi platter but you can turn them into one if you wish just like how I did! All you need to do is to request to combine your sashimi plates to a platter! You will be able to taste all freshness in every bite of the raw slices, knowing that satisfaction is ensured!

 photo DSC_1417_zpsgy8nq7np.jpg photo DSC_1418_zps6sidz0ym.jpg

Every meals gotta end with something sweet, no? And I have a strong liking for Ocha ice cream. Here at Sushi Mentai serves two types, either the ocha ice cream or sorbet.

 photo DSC_1427_zpsmgtcqb2i.jpg photo DSC_1426_zpsswq7rf5x.jpg



Sushi Mentai
Add: 72 Amoy Street Singapore 069891
Tel: (65) 6221 8521

* prices are in Singapore Dollar & are subjected to 10% service charge.

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Chingay Parade Singapore 2016

My very first Chingay Parade in Singapore but I ended up all drenched. For those who had been to the Chingay Parade which kicked off on Friday night, with the theme “Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore”, had much fun in the rain. Although the weather was not on our side yet the crowd were not getting any smaller at the F1 Pit Building.

 photo IMG_6314_zpsrdwvie4z.jpg

After all, its all about the experience. The experience of watching the parade in a poncho. 😀

 photo IMG_6302_zpsfdzlbdqt.jpg

The Chingay Parade is a parade organized annually by the People’s Association with 8000 performers which includes 800 from overseas and here is one hailing from Indonesia.

 photo IMG_6319_zpsctmc6swm.jpg

 photo DSC_1187_zpsyfjggrc7.jpg

 photo DSC_1190_zpsqgxm55hu.jpg

 photo DSC_1193_zpslpd4st3y.jpg

 photo DSC_1195_zpsvncdbphy.jpg

The show goes on regardless the downpour.

 photo DSC_1196_zpswa4ufghs.jpg

The finale, regardless the rain.

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Aerotel Singapore Changi Airport Transit Hotel

AEROTEL, a member of Plaza Premium Lounge as well as a brand new in-transit hotel sitted in Changi Airport Terminal 1 (in-transit Departure). photo DSC_1154_zpsqfhhs7oa.jpg

Aerotel is officially launched on Feb 18th, 2016 by Mr Song Hoi See, a hotel which provides convenient booking hours (6 hours per slot) that suits travelers’ needs to ensure quality sleep.

 photo DSC_1159_zps2adb0z4b.jpg photo DSC_1127_zpsumo4uyht.jpg

Aerotel caters 70 comfortably-furnished guestrooms in the airport transit area, neither the land or the air. Aerotel rooms are available in S, M and L, respectively representing the sizes of the rooms based on individual needs which is able to accommodate from one to four persons.

 photo DSC_1132_zpsrmzr5u2f.jpg

On top of all, it has a cozy Library Lounge equipped with the latest newspapers, magazines and TV news channels to accommodate travelers who want to catch up on the latest.

 photo DSC_1134_zps5oodsfn9.jpg

Besides the Library Lounge, there’s also little corner for fitness freaks. For the guests who need to sweat-it-out, this little corner will able to cater to you for as long as the slot you have booked.

 photo DSC_1143_zpszyavuhlj.jpg

Aerotel Rooms

Each room has individually controlled air condition, television, hair dryer, complimentary WiFi, coffee/tea making facilities and key-card access.
 photo DSC_1184_zpslm12ljwz.jpg

 photo Capture_zpsrn90evps.jpg

Aerotel S Rooms cater for single travelers, a room for 1 pax who deprives of a power nap during the transit. S Rooms do not have attached showers and toilets. However, there’s seperate showers and toilets located right outside of the S rooms.
 photo DSC_1181_zpsen4xqsie.jpg photo DSC_1183_zpscipjjrsn.jpg

Aerotel M Room
A studio suite which fits two double beds. Cozy room to unwind while waiting to catch the next flight!
 photo Aerotel_M Room_zpshsezmweh.jpg photo Aerotel_M Room 3_zpsxdfzaz5q.jpg

Aerotel L Room
Features a spacious suite for family’s comfort, 2 bedrooms with 1 double bed and 2 single beds. Aerotel M and L rooms come with attached shower and toilet and full shower amenities.
 photo Aerotel_M Room 2_zpsces14qlr.jpg

Topping up with a runway view, where guests are able to enjoy the mesmerizing view of planes landing and taking off.  photo Aerotel_L Room_zpsnvmjgdut.jpg

On top of all the mentioned facilities available, there is also an outdoor swimming pool. Yes, an outdoor swimming pool in the airport in-transit area!

Outdoor Pool + Poolside Bar photo DSC_1177_zpsogclk4fh.jpg

 photo DSC_1163_zpsssn87ref.jpg

Being the first in-transit hotel with an outdoor pool, fret not, for those who are not the hotel’s guests, you can just pay SGD $17 to access the pool!

Singapore Changi Airport
Level 3, Departure / Transit Lounge, Terminal 1 (near Gate D41)

Opening Hours
24 hours daily

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