5 Things To Do In Taipei

5 Things To Do In Taipei
If you had no choice but to stay 3 days 2 nights in Taipei, here are the top 5 activities you can engage. You won’t be excessively worn out, just the basics. Well, at least when you’re asked if you have been to Taipei, yes you do :)

1) Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall ; a Taiwanese national monument, landmark and tourist attraction erected in memory of Chiang Kai-shek, former President of the Republic of China.” ~ Wikipedia
 photo DSC_0915_zpsawqozun7.jpg

2) Taipei 101 ; skyscraper with the name who tells it all, (Taipei 101) 101 levels, formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center, is a landmark located at Xinyi District. Well, it was once the tallest building in the world until 2010 when Burj Khalifa, Dubai was build in 2010.
 photo 20150717_185650_zpsg3wqgy41.jpg

3) Shihlin Night Market ; food, food, food and food! It caters all the Taiwan famous for street food.
 photo 20150716_212900_zpsy53vjks3.jpg

4) Lungshan Temple ; was founded in 1738 and dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. It always keeps it nature as a Buddhist temple.
 photo DSC_1033_zpsmk1tzfah.jpg

5) Ximending ; shopping paradise, be it food or fashion!
 photo 20150718_110308_zpsqdx7pj5m.jpg

This would probably give you a glimpse of Taipei in 48 hours. Well, if you found more interesting places, do not hesitate to share with me 😀

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Glow Hotel Penang

Bright colours with pop art that stands out, that pretty much summarizes the interior of Glow Hotel Penang. Glow Hotel Penang is strategically located in the heart of Georgetown, also surrounded by many local food stores.

 photo 20150823_095806_zpsehbbj3at.jpg photo 20150823_095800_zps5wkownj9.jpg

As I walked into the lobby, I was greeted by the vibrant colours. photo DSC_2243_zpsyhjzrfry.jpg photo DSC_2179_zpsmoti2lds.jpg

Security lift access
 photo DSC_2245_zpshvbdfssk.jpg

The corridor walkway looks decent and clean. photo DSC_2184_zpssbl1cak1.jpg

As I checked in to the room, I find it to be pretty spacious for two. There are four types of rooms :

 photo DSC_2111_zpsmk6uil6e.jpg

Here is a Superior Double Room , with 21-sqm, 32” LED TV and a mini bar with complimentary water, electronic safe deposit box, gym, Airport / Port Transfer Service (with charge),  laundry & dry cleaning service (with charge) as well as swimming pool and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi internet access in every room.

 photo DSC_2106_zpsto0fqjzd.jpg

I like the black-out curtains, at least I don’t have to get up even after the sun rises. Iron and iron boards are available upon request. Hence, if you need anything but you don’t see it in the room, just pick up the phone and ask!

Bathroom Amenities
All basic bathroom amenities are available and I particularly love the citrus fragrant of the shower gel 😀 The bathroom has hair dryer too!
 photo DSC_2130_zpswequcgtl.jpg

Swimming Pool photo DSC_2222_zpsot4hqn72.jpg

View from the room photo 20150823_075501_zpsbhiegiqq.jpg

 photo DSC_2233_zpscqdmdeyl.jpg photo IMG_20150824_1_zpsnhvv6ozb.jpg

Maps, magazines and daily newspaper are available at the lobby. photo DSC_2180_zpswhnbytfj.jpg

Zest Bar Cafe photo IMG_20150824_3_zpsrkcaumjt.jpg photo DSC_2162_zpsuvv5bakp.jpg photo IMG_20150824_2_zpsquz89t2z.jpg photo IMG_20150823_9_zps43ah5in2.jpg

Complimentary Breakfast for Hotel Guests.

There is wide spread of buffet breakfast, a combination of western and Asian cuisine.
 photo 20150823_081600_zpsit37ek14.jpg photo DSC_2219_zpsihmtmfwp.jpg


 photo DSC_2215_zpskfc8ai1q.jpg

 photo DSC_2214_zpsjrpnl44h.jpg photo 20150823_082849_zpspqv4v7gc.jpg

On another side note, there’s an on-going Selfie Contest. Props are ready and all you need to do is to pimp yourself for a selfie. photo DSC_2224_zpscxq0mt3p.jpg

Here is how you do it. You neeed to make a creative selfie at the selfie walls and post the pictures on Zest Bar Cafe’s FB page.
 photo DSC_2228_zpszwzuwg0f.jpg

Oh, well. This is not a creative selfie. photo IMG_20150824_4_zpscd4ehpuz.jpg

As an overall, Glow Hotel Penang is reasonable and the location itself is pretty convenient. The only thing I find it hard is the limited parking spaces available. For those who do not drive, it would be easy but for those who does, you gotta look around for parking spaces. Anyhow, if desperate measures, there is an empty spot to park your cars behind the hotel with a fee of RM30 if you were to park overnight. Fees will be charges as that is not part of the Glow Hotel‘s amenities.

 photo DSC_2135_zps4gltpam8.jpg

Room rates are listed <HERE>

Glow Hotel Penang
Address: 101, Jalan Macalister, George Town, 11400 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 4-226 0084
E-mail address: rsvn.penang@glowbyzinc.com
Check-In time: 14:00
Check-Out time: 12:00

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Surfing in Boracay

Never thought I will end up surfing in Boracay. I always think its not my kinda game but I figured that I enjoyed it much when I got a hang of it. I was briefed on how to surf. Obviously I didn’t manage to capture much from what he told me cuz of his accent.
 photo IMG_20150813_1_zps2em4ni6h.jpg

For the first time, I put in so much concentration cuz I wanna do it right the first time!
 photo IMG_20150813_2_zpsoc8e3g6g.jpg

Okaylah … easy peasy. Just that the expression a lil’ drastic.  photo IMG_20150806_4_zpspykcsaqm.jpg

… and I shall reveal my super burnt back! photo IMG_20150806_6_zpsnaefmpli.jpg

A friend whom I have not met for four years. Four years later, she brings me surfing! photo IMG_20150806_7_zpsi02dthig.jpg photo IMG_20150806_10_zpshhw0i37q.jpg

The part which I don’t like that much, going against the waves. I know right, I end up with tiring-sore arms. photo IMG_20150806_13_zpsxyjpdzb6.jpg photo IMG_20150806_14_zpsbwvoocmu.jpg

Surfing in Boracay is not expensive. 1 hour cost us 500 peso and we managed to split by taking 30 minutes per pax. Hence, 250 peso per pax. Dirt cheap eh! Anyway, I don’t think any of you need to stress much on which water sports equipment rental service to go to as there are a lot of different ones along the stretch of white beach offering the same water sports activities. Topping up the fact that its pretty competitive, the prices will not be differ much or perhaps similar. Hence, all you need is to select your favourite spot!

 photo image-b96edaf200d13e97041d42692cf945b6f9445d469928d9841a09bc76fce55b5a-V_zpspmvzfvxw.jpg

 photo image-94a735a805f8224877753f1ea7db71852758a10eca2bbae98ecf0c5ea196964a-V_zpsdmcqbvxs.jpg

 photo IMG_20150806_3_zpsfmlxvmdg.jpg

 photo image-caea23d8051c27f2bab6d64ada411a2f47fcecd2e3ad06daef9f0c47eac51a78-V_zps6iaspgen.jpg

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UpNext : Boracay

 photo IMG_20150812_2_zpslcp0xjcq.jpg

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Solo Traveler ; Replace Fear of The Unknown With Curiosity

I know I wasn’t gonna travel if I were to wait for someone to come along. I always wanted to travel with my other half but I never had one. I guess if I were to wait, I would not have been to these many places. Well, traveling solo has its perks too. Sometimes, all you need for being a solo traveler is passion towards traveling. Just go where your heart leads.

1) Getting Know More Friends ; something I enjoy doing when I travel. Meeting new friends, sharing experiences. Well even when you are traveling alone, they can be your ad-hoc companion. Now, you’d have friends to help you take your pictures.

2) Money Spent, Experience Gained ; perhaps watching sunset from the different side of the world is always a perk. Solo traveler, solo budget. Do not need to worry about how much moolahs you need to spare for others.

3) Soul Searching ; I find that when I travel alone, I tend to learn and understand myself better. Those little things you observe and do in the foreign land will somewhat relate to yourself and that’s when you begin to reflect on yourself. Be alone.

4) Destress ; Probably its time to free yourself from your busy life. Relax your body, mind and soul. Spend some time with yourself.

5) Take Your Time ; When you travel alone, you do not need to please anybody. No rushing or catching up when your friend is already on the other side of the mountain! Now, move at your own pace.

6) Change of Plans ; Plans? What plans? Now you do not have a schedule, be it a tight one or a short one. You can spend more time at places which drew you interest without having others rushing you to leave for the next destination. Change of plans can happen as you like. Solo traveling, no hassle. No one is gonna blame you for anything.

… and I received many comments and questions throwing at me on how do I include myself in the pictures when I traveled alone. Here is how:

1) Asking for help ; One of the hardest thing when you travel alone is you need to spot for a trustworthy looking person (looks can be deceiving) to help you to snap a pic. Sometimes you gotta risk.
 photo PhotoGrid_1438655656966_zpsm73epbgr.jpg
2) Tripod & Timer ; best pal ever to help you on taking pictures rather than the latest hype of using a selfie-stick (which is now banned by Disneyland 😛 )


Maybe you can start trying and just in case if you discover new tricks, do share with me too :)

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