Double Tree Hilton JB

Be it a staycation, vacation or workcation, Double Tree Hilton has invaded the South of Peninsular Malaysia a couple of months ago. It is located at the ideal spot in Johor Bahru, right at the Central Business District.

 photo 20141116_113116_zpsb95bda43.jpg photo 20141115_173245_zps638dae73.jpg

As this is just a preview, the full review will be done soon as I have arranged to surprise the boyfie for our monthiversary ;)

 photo 20141116_131208_zps50a643e8.jpg

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Batam, Indonesia

Well, I’m going thru some tough times. Being emotionally affected, I decided to take a stroll at Batam, a little island in Indonesia, located not too far away at an approximate of 40 minutes ferry ride from Singapore.

 photo 20141102_092647_zps5f174abd.jpg photo IMG_20141102_4_zpsfa90700f.jpg

 photo 20141102_115314_zpsab587a0a.jpg

Upon arriving at the jetty, I hunt for a driver to bring us around. It costs us SGD $110 (for 2 pax) to have a day ride around Batam and he brought us to those main spots in Batam.

To my surprise, there are actually quite a number of temples in Batam which we kinda ended up doing a few temple hopping. photo IMG_20141102_3_zps5c191aad.jpg photo 20141102_105706_zpsfc389885.jpg photo IMG_20141102_31_zpsfb25fea5.jpg photo 20141102_110032_zpsefb430bf.jpg photo 20141102_110053_zpsdb6ddbcf.jpg photo 20141102_110119_zpsab8a3725.jpg

The Barelang Bridge! photo 20141102_115418_zps61cbebdf.jpg

As usual, there will be a lot of “photographers” (locals with huge ass DSLR taking a photo for you with the Barelang Bridge on the background) then got them printed in a huge ass A4 sized photograph and charged you at a certain tourist price. Then, I spotted their printing station which kinda amaze me. photo 20141102_115513_zpsd8f71e1f.jpg

Instead of paying the “photographers”, my Samsung Note 3 works pretty well too! photo IMG_20141102_28_zps9def453b.jpg

Their “ketam bakar” is huge! photo 20141102_115722_zpsd20f8c1c.jpg photo 20141102_115559_zpse6bd921d.jpg

… being a huge fan of satay, I do thought of giving this a try. photo 20141102_115634_zps55c32a44.jpg photo 20141102_115741_zps8c221e01.jpg

… quenching thirst with my all time favourite teh botol! Its in a kotak but the brand itself is Teh Botol! Must try! photo IMG_20141102_15_zpsfb5acd5a.jpg photo IMG_20141102_11_zps42551a94.jpg

Stumbled upon an abandoned church, not sure if it is but it does look like one. photo IMG_20141102_16_zps4076ec5f.jpg photo IMG_20141102_20_zpsa806b08e.jpg

Vietnam Camp in the middle of Indonesia. photo IMG_20141102_5_zps64634c8f.jpg

Pantai Melayu photo IMG_20141102_7_zpsb81742b0.jpg photo IMG_20141102_2_zps982ee301.jpg photo IMG_20141102_17_zps32c30396.jpg photo IMG_20141102_18_zpsf3fdc775.jpg photo IMG_20141102_22_zpsabe7bb2c.jpg

KuanYin Temple photo IMG_20141102_21_zpsd645c7bb.jpg

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Busan, South Korea : Jagalchi Market

Jagalchi Market (자갈치시장) it’s the largest seafood market in Korea. Most of the people selling fish are women which they are locally known as Jagalchi Ajumma (middle-aged or married woman).

 photo 10275866245_7a67201df7_o_zps19cd2d21.jpg

Seafood lovers will love this place as you will be able to find small eatery shops which serves fresh and raw seafood. All you need to do is place your order, they will get them cook for you!
 photo DSC_0112_zps8b03c00e.jpg
 photo DSC_0110_zps6bc5c0b8.jpg
 photo DSC_0117_zpsaf5c8e33.jpg photo DSC_0104_zpsdec57d06.jpg photo DSC_0105_zpsd449e1fc.jpg photo 9427137875_9e57f61af2_o_zps0a56de98.jpg


Directions to Jagalchi Market:
Jagalchi Station (Busan subway line 1) lookout for Exit 10.
Turn right to Jagalchi sam-gil Street.
Turn left after an approximately 5 minutes walk before arriving at Jagalchi Market.

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Paul Loiis @ King Street, Penang

The morning fix at Paul Loiis, a newly opened cafe located at King Street.It is situated at the corner of a colonial building which is also a students’ accommodation. photo 20141022_224539_zps0c8bf70f.jpg

… finished the freshly brewed latte within minutes. photo 20141022_231137_zps6257243c.jpg

Am always spoil by choices. The awesome looking brew bar has a long list of menu.
 photo 20141023_010027_zpsb3e81448.jpg

My Saturday brunch in Penang kicks off with a bowl of mushroom soup. photo 20141025_110353_zps18aacfd8.jpg

Egg Benedict’s RM19, served with awesome poached eggs and fresh leaves. photo 20141025_104417_zps78ad6aa1.jpg photo 20141025_104853_zps804469f2.jpg photo 20141025_110410_zps520f93fe.jpg photo 20141025_110908_zpse9efe5e7.jpg

… my Paul Loiis English Breakfast (RM20), perfectly served! photo 20141025_110855_zps8340abc1.jpg photo 20141025_110922_zps838f02d1.jpg photo 20141025_112054_zpsf15f8761.jpg

Also, there will be live Magic Show performance happening every Friday from 8.30pm to 10pm. Do drop by and have some fun while dining!




Address: 18, Lebuh King, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 8:30 am to 11 pm.
Contact Number: +6017 213 4383

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[PENANG]: Route 9, Bishop Street

Route 9 serves western dishes in the heart of Penang. They make life so much easier for the working adults especially and now being an option for diners. It is located next to Goh Kaki along Bishop Street, easily spotted too. photo DSC_0078_zps0354bb55.jpg

Hence, I would consider myself lucky for being able to visit Route 9 for dinner! photo DSC_0093_zpsb881ae48.jpg photo DSC_0048_zps69a3bece.jpg

#candid photo DSC_0057_zpsa9c28eb4.jpg

 The brewing bar. photo DSC_0085_zpscc498163.jpg photo DSC_0087_zps5ce0e5f5.jpgHad mango lassi, tastes good too! photo DSC_0042_zps83c4ac7e.jpg

One of the items from the menu I enjoyed most is the Chicken Chop. Its crispy and non-oily based served with mashed potato and some gravy. photo DSC_0072_zps22a9b584.jpg

At the moment, Route 9 is having set lunch on promo. There are a total of 11 choices for our 3 course set lunch served with drinks and Soup of the Day from RM10.90 [Available on weekdays from 11am till 3pm] photo DSC_0043_zps59b97e68.jpg

Tender Chicken Skewer is one of my favourite too which tastes a little like satay. photo DSC_0047_zps64c7a24b.jpg photo DSC_0045_zpsc1fd14f6.jpg

… and after such a heavy meal, I would appreciate dessert :) Affogato was served but I would say it tasted a little plain. photo DSC_0096_zps44077941.jpg photo DSC_0079_zpsdeb63b5d.jpg photo DSC_0091_zps90d945f8.jpg

As an overall, I kinda like the ambiance and its a good place to chill or for private events to be held.



Add: 36, Bishop Street, 10200 Penang, Malaysia. (Beside Goh Kaki Cafe)
Tel: +60103856600, +6042639899
Business Hours: 11:00 – 15:00, 18:00 – 22:00
FB Page:

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