Little Miss Sunshine

The Little Miss Sunshine failed to shine for the past couple of weeks.

The superhero radar sensed it and surprised me with a stalk of sunflower for the first time. (He usually surprises me with roses) Perks me up with small little surprises but after a little while, I was all down and scattered again. Really, really can’t wait for the stormy days to be over.

I was in a meeting when one of my colleagues sent me this pic.IMG_20140910_2 Struggling each day to be okay.IMG_20140911_1IMG_20140911_5#TheLittleThingsInLife

My AirAsia Free Seats

I have been globe trotting since 2009 and I am proud that I have been to all the capital of the countries in the South East Asia, topping up to the fact that I am never a shopaholic and hence, I have landed my feet in the soil of these places in the past 5 years, chasing sunrise and sunsets, admiring the beauty of God’s creation while it lasts at most outskirts of the countries I visited. I started traveling when I was still in college, that was when Air Asia came into the picture, making all my backpacking trips affordable and kept within budget (usually at an approximate RM1800 all in).

2013 : Busan, Korea
All the way to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple for the spectacular view and this is the first time I bought my parents a trip which I don’t think its possible without Air Asia. photo DSC_0137_zps31519bba.jpg

2012 : Chiangmai, Thailand
I ended up here alone because I dreamt of the White Temple in Chiangrai a year before. Hence, I bought the flight ticket during the Free Seats promo was launched at RM 250 from KL to Chiangmai and return. Yup, the stripy cat was my birthday gift that year :)

2012 : Myanmar
A country which consists of a majority of Buddhist devotees as well as poverty. That’s when I spent one full day in Yangon exploring the temples, then hop onto a 10-hour night bus to Bagan for the sunrise and more temple hopping on a horse cart. Followed by renting a bicycle the next day to explore the place myself and start distributing small change (their currency is known as Kyat) to the local kids. Another meaningful attempt in a foreign country.Photobucket

2011 : China
When I first introduced smart phone in an ancient culture ;) The headgear is heavy! First time taking night train having to sleep in the train many times! Welcome to China!

Pink Guava

2011 : Laos
In Laos, explore the local food!Hawker

2011 : Lake Toba
Took this ferry to Samosir Island. Broke down a couple of times in the middle of the lake!

The Last Ferry

2010 : Philippines
Trust me, I spent less than half a day in Manila, first time missing a flight (which I was supposed to head to Vigan City), launched Plan B which was to take a night bus (approximately 8 hours) to Vigan and bought myself a 20Peso street ice cream at Vigan City.


2009 : Cambodia
My very first backpack trip took place with another few of my blogger friends, we traveled to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. We did all the must-do, catching sunrise at 4.30am, temple hopping around Ang Kor Wat, visiting the  and many others. It was all memorable.

That’s when #ALSIceBucketChallenge has not been introduced, we did the RiceBucketChallenge. Reaching out to the unfortunate locals was the most memorable after all. We bought them over 30kg of rice and clothes knowing that they are also victims from the genocide.Photobucket


 … and so … 


If I had 10 AirAsia Free Seats, I would go to Mandalay! Why Mandalay? If I can make this possible to share the 10 tickets with my readers to make this trip happen to visit the second largest city in Myanmar to understand the Burmese’s local culture and enjoy the laid back country. Life ain’t about staring at the smart phones and looking for power plug when the battery is flat!

Hence, U Bein Teak Bridge would be my next sunset shot location. A place to see genuine smiles at the same time for you to offer what you can as they will be more than happy to receive from you. Perhaps another so called #RiceBucketChallenge. ;)


(*Photo credit to

Meantime, do drop by at for the FREE SEATS promo which ends on August 31st, 2014.


[SINGAPORE] The Loft Cafe @ Chinatown

Slowly adapting to this city and making my Sundays like how it used to be. Somewhat got a good deal from Qoo10 and decided to have waffles for brunch. Awesome Sunday I would say!

I was never a strawberry person until lately. May I present to you Strawberry Cream Waffle (UP: $9.80). photo 20140817_115803_zpsea05d0a4.jpg

Chocolate Nutty Banana Waffle (UP: $9.80) photo 20140817_115812_zps19626b84.jpg

The affection when you are able to ease your cravings. I love how that feels. photo IMG_20140817_115907_zpscc63ad8d.jpg

Choices! Oh, ya! Did I mention that I have a new hair colour now? Not blonde though, just that I haven’t got my hair coloured in a long time. photo 20140817_120138_zps79616208.jpg

… and then I fell in love with strawberries. photo IMG_20140817_120515_zps4f67a066.jpg

The Beer Battered Mushrooms ($8.50) photo 20140817_121848_zpsf9af9dba.jpg


Good food, happy me! :D


Operation Hours :
Monday 11am – 9pm
Tues -Thurs 9am-10pm
Fri-sat 9am-11pm
Sunday 9am-9pm

Address: 268A South Bridge Road (off Smith Street) Singapore 058817
Phone: (65) 6221 2103

[SINGAPORE] Alive Museum @ Suntec City Mall

I missed the Trick Eye Museum when I visited Korea last year, and this time, all thanks you OMY for giving me this opportunity to visit the Korea’s first and original 3D entertainment attraction Alive Museum in Singapore which was opened on June 12th, 2014.

The Alive Museum is located at Suntec City Mall’s premises, between Tower 3 and Tower 4, sprawled over 10’000 squarefeet. This is a place for ultimate selfie. It is claimed to be the biggest 3D illusion museum in Singapore which offers a sensory experience that tricks one’s visual, physical and environmental perceptions, bringing fantasy to reality. It is also the world’s largest chain of such entertainment concept, where 3D art comes alive which originated from South Korea. There are eight branches currently which are located in South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey and three in China.

Hence, its wrong if you are visiting this place without a camera. I spent approximately 2 hours on taking photos (*including queuing) around the entire museum.

 photo DSC06455_zps71558aca.jpg photo DSC06445_zps89095622.jpg photo DSC06440_zps530ae7c7.jpg photo DSC06433_zps1ef3aea1.jpg photo DSC06430_zps37402101.jpg

Up! photo DSC06427_zps0daf8aeb.jpg


 photo DSC06425_zpse69eebcd.jpg photo DSC06415_zps5369a66e.jpg photo AliveMuseum_zps5d7f1762.jpg

When I am simply flexible ;) photo DSC06412_zps78dce958.jpg photo DSC06390_zps0c789b5b.jpg

The ultimate fighter. photo DSC06394_zpsf90d52bd.jpg photo DSC06398_zpsee298bfc.jpg

… all I am concerned of are the roasted chickens :D photo DSC06410_zps1e47aa70.jpg photo DSC06357_zpsa6f4234f.jpgEver been in Batman’s? photo DSC06333_zps2adb226b.jpg

The view from above is amazing. photo DSC06329_zps505a2152.jpg photo DSC06300_zps83284927.jpg

Finally, Spiderman decided to kiss me :* photo DSC06291_zps080eee49.jpg photo DSC06264_zpsac63d5f3.jpg photo DSC06272_zpse2791954.jpg

It was a pleasure to check out what Steve Jobs was doing behind the lappy, photo DSC06288_zpsc8b0400f.jpg

One of those things you gotta do when you are in Singapore ;) photo DSC06259_zps68578f3b.jpg photo DSC06268_zpse39b65aa.jpg

The baby was sleeping soundly. photo DSC06270_zps7207a271.jpg

Just take your time to have fun taking many pictures. Special exhibits will be displayed during special occasions such as Chinese New Year and Christmas.

 photo DSC06464_zps75738a3a.jpg

The museum will switch 30% of their exhibits for new ones annually so you can return. Ticket prices for adults are S$25 and S$20 for children between the age of 3 and 12. 

 photo DSC06453_zps105d391e.jpg

Current Promotion : Like Alive Museum on Facebook and get free meal at Burger King Suntec with purchase of full-priced ticket.


Address: Suntec City Mall #03-372 (between Towers 3 & 4) Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: Opens daily from 10am to 10pm (last admission at 9pm)
*Free WiFi access inside the museum.