Bober Tea

While there are plenty of boba tea islandwide, Bober Tea 御波坊 is a home grown brand who has been the talk of the town. Also, Bober Tea provides islandwide delivery, makes it so much more convenient for all of us.

Matcha Brown Sugar Crème Brûlée Milk

Ohh, and I do fancy their QQ tapioca pearls and so, I was told that the chewy and soft pearls were freshly made at the outlet.

Brown Sugar Crème Brûlée Milk

Bober tea introduces premium flavours such as pure matcha powder, Okinawa Black Sugar, and Hokkaido milk in the spread of menu. The more fanciful ones added to their spread of obtions would be Matcha, Roasted Oolong and Oreo.

These are more of the classic ones, taste as good as it looks. However, sweetness level had been fixed.
@ Sengkang

Here are the locations of Bober Tea islandwide:

📍Boon Keng
📍Bt Panjang

Delivery Orders can be placed at:

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Food Review: Overly Cheezy

This week has been mad for me. I’ve been working late seven days a week. Exhausted! I’ve decided to have my meal delivered to the office. Thats when Overly Cheezy sent me some! I’ve been craving for pizzas in a while. Timing is just perfect!

Fruity Fruity Hawaiian – The regular Hawaian Pizza I usually had its filled with pineapple but Overly Cheezy has it prepped with refreshing Mango Mayo Sauce, Chicken Ham, Juicy Pineapple, Sweet Halve Peaches, Parsley Flakes. Unique on its own! You can try it and taste the difference at just $22 for 2 regular pizzas and $33 for 2 large
Trufflicious Wild Mushroom served with Signature Creamy White Truffle Sauce, Butter Roasted Mushrooms Shitake, King Oyster & Shimeji, Parsley Flakes. (Vegetarian)
Available sides consist of 6pcs Wings, Cheezy Salted Egg Fries, Criss Cut Fries & Garlic Bread.
Amazing meal should end with kick ass dessert. Belgium Chocolate Lava Cake & Hokkaido Matcha Lava Cake would be a good combo!
Hokkaido Matcha Lava Cake

A little background on Overly Cheezy. Overly Cheezy begins with Food and Travel! Bringing the taste from travels and deep appreciation for the delicateness of cheese, hence they started experimenting in the kitchen collaborating with top chefs from Japan, Italy,
France and Singapore. Overly Cheezy’s bestselling flavours are Trufflicious Hawaiian and Trufflicious Wild Mushrooms are the popular favourites and die die must try pizzas you must have! Overly Cheezy are made of premium atas ingredients but it doesn’t come with the atas price tag. Customers can try it and taste the difference at just $22 for 2 regular pizzas and $33 for 2 large pizzas. Hover over to to check out other varieties OverlyCheezy has to offer! Thank you Overly Cheezy for sending me these awesome pizzas!

About Overly Cheezy
Overly Cheezy opened its first outlet located in the heartlands of Hougang, and is the first
pizzeria in Singapore providing handmade thin-crust pizzas with our unique 5-cheese recipe by chefs across Japan, Italy & France.

Address: Blk 311 Hougang Ave 5 #01-189 S53031
Facebook & Instagram: @OverlyCheezySG
Orders & General Enquiries: +6562454922

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Food Review: The Garden Kitchen’s Chilli Crab Promotion

Decided to stay home for the weekend and to make life much easier and convenient, The Garden Kitchen sent us some of their signature chilli crabs! Well, that perks the weekend up a lot more! Allow me to share a bit more pertaining the on-going promo. All I can bet is, it is definitely value for money. $49.90 for 3 crabs, 10 mantous and 2 cups of bubble tea! These Sri Lanka crabs weigh 300g to 400g each.

Chilli Crab

An upsize promo is available too for $79.90 served with 3 Sri Lanka crabs with the weight of 500g to 600g. There are a few different methods the crabs are served where you may choose from:

The choices available are:
* Chilli Crab
* Salted Egg Crab
* Black Pepper Crab
* Butter Cream Crab
* Gan Xiang Crab

The crab sauce is starchy, though its called Chilli Crab, it just slightly spicy. To begin with, Chilli Crab’s sauce are usually towards the sweet-savoury side. I’ve got my mantao dipped into the sauce and trust me, that’s a real deal!


Well, The Garden Kitchen’s serves a wide spread of variety and that includes other cuisines like Western, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. You may find their menu online on their website.

Fret not, if you prefer delivery like me, The Garden Kitchen provides islandwide delivery for orders at $30 and above with delivery fee of $3 to $8 applies. Delivery is free for orders that is $50 and above.

Add: The Garden Kitchen10 Raeburn Park, #01-28 (Singapore) 088702
Operating hours: 10.30am – 10.30pm Mon to Sun
For more information, please log on to

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Half a year gone which turns out like a routine.

  • work (from home)
  • binging on Netflix
  • cook
  • repeat

What about you?

Can someone restart 2020 minus the pandemic?

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Korea’s No.1 Brand KUNDAL

When there are more options and we as consumers are always spoilt with choices. After watching enough Kdramas, maybe I should, for once try using a Korean brand. I read that Kundal’s product are sold every 3 seconds.

Now that I have tried it myself, all I can tell is its worth the price. Its not pricy to begin with. Well, I got mind from Lazada which cost me $10.50/bottle of 500ml Hair Treatment, Shampoo and Body Wash. The few flavours consists of Cherry Blossom, Ylang Ylang, Baby Powder and White Musk.

It leaves a very nice scent after using and yes, it smells really good.

The Ultra Serum ($10.50) tames my mane and does not leave a greasy look, however, once you applied, you will be able to feel the difference on your hair. Smoother and less tangles which makes it easier to comb.

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