Sights of Sapa

 photo DSC_0193_zps769318d7.jpg

 photo DSC_0166_zps921739c3.jpg

Sapa Town photo DSC_0206_zpsd4b04971.jpg

 photo DSC_0280_zpsb1fb42e5.jpg

 photo DSC_0209_zps2fa81276.jpg

 photo DSC_0218_zpsea0e430a.jpg

The Crew photo DSC_0231_zpsad96f6b5.jpg

Citrus photo DSC_0256_zps21ab8bfc.jpg

 photo DSC_0280_zpsb1fb42e5.jpg

 photo DSC_0295_zps72a19f8c.jpg

 photo DSC_0297_zps34eb0e14.jpg

 photo DSC_0301_zps3519fe0d.jpg

 photo DSC_0307_zps80a9f4c9.jpg

 photo DSC_0308_zpseeb94c9d.jpg

 photo DSC_0309_zps4e096904.jpg

 photo DSC_0311_zpsf6f417c0.jpg

 photo DSC_0367_zpsa7b6c3ec.jpg

 photo DSC_0373_zps0e45218e.jpg

 photo DSC_0374_zps42a1b1e8.jpg

 photo DSC_0453_zpsc5566381.jpg

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Carmen’s Big Day

The moment when I came to know about the good news, I blocked my calendar, flight and everything else. Attended company’s dinner the night before and flew back to Penang the next morning. I was terribly zombified to the extend ended up at the wrong gate thinking that the flight had missed me. That’s bad, very. But the pro is, I get to dress up both nights!

 photo 10934112_10153043677258308_8111330933696869268_o_zpsnngvx0a8-1.jpg photo 1538714_10153043716173308_3391292587531010621_n_zpstoxemf5a-1.jpg

Also, meeting my batch of schoolmates! Everyone is doing so well!

 photo 10847377_10153043723658308_176571802028803708_o_zpssxvsvsge-1.jpg photo 10277621_10153043735758308_2810468711823213294_n_zpskbbflyko.jpg photo 10489797_10153045637278308_1881650254385130576_n_zpsstalsyzl.jpg photo 10860991_10153045637043308_4624442408148512968_o_zpsnmhsmmkb.jpg photo 10848746_10153047433043308_6033429998299021379_o_zpsktcvk9qr.jpg

… a selfie with the bride.

 photo 10848798_10153043680763308_4087221188820382555_o_zpsiyoeanch.jpg photo 10914956_10153047433213308_1003238082710244086_o_zpstwzrizec.jpg

… and one of my personal favourite, with Alicia! photo 10941013_10153043728388308_8427332338990917451_n_zps3vuprz2x.jpg photo 10923818_10153043726148308_6312479153813802363_o_zps4lccx6j9.jpg

Love this red toga dress as well.

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Jabil Annual Roast 2015

Never get to dress up since I moved to Sg. Perhaps, this is probably my first. Not afraid of putting this dress as I am very sure no one else on this globe has the exact same dress. That’s just part one of the story. Part two is, I put it on 7 years ago for my college Prom Night, it was made accustomed to every inch of me 7 years ago. Along those years, I have not put this dress on as … I am not able to zip the dress! When I got to know the theme of the night is Around The World, well, I have nothing fantastic or close to whatever Around The World, hence I thought this is part of my collection which fits closest to the theme.  I always love the hand-stitched sequins on the dress. It takes some effort to fit in again. There’s always a price to pay ;) Here you go, putting this dress on for the second time in my life!

 photo 10750122_10153041418248308_8571342488149851185_o_zpsvsmfxc3q.jpg

Oh, ya … and my pair of 4-inch blink blink I bought when I got my first pay check here :P

 photo 10887484_10153042240733308_7044054156699780508_o_zpsjblwteo3.jpg

Well, didn’t take many pictures though only with those I want to. That’s my “akka”, funny I don’t see him in JPE but am glad we met here. photo 10333395_10153040898003308_1512429365935076986_o_zpsnfbym4po.jpg

Jeff, my lunch mate since Oct’13. photo 10634006_10153040904893308_1511503128956913715_o_zpszzhurjpb.jpg

… and with this dress, I have always wanted to do the “Pumped Up Kick” thingy, tonight it is! I am completely sure nothing will go wrong cuz this dress is made accustomed to me, the length is mainly similar to my usual denim shorts. Confidence babehh! On a brighter and happier note, he was crowned Mr Jabil 2015. Oh ya, thats me at the same time showing off my blink blink heels.

 photo 10257436_10153041301133308_709971790797493159_o_zpsvjd8b5tm.jpg

I always love that smile.

 photo 10906408_10153041457023308_4020134140793844385_n_zpssroldxof.jpg

 photo 10931567_10153041003068308_5665650237119417331_o_zpsytnof2xh.jpg

I guess we had endless selfies. Thanks for being a friend after 545, Kris. photo 10917259_10153041452843308_6659310226161313514_o_zpsaz7e2ycz.jpg

Friends since 2010.

 photo 10934149_10153042240028308_9057864983470975517_o_zpssgxdl3zr.jpg

One of my favourite candid shot, myself and the rose alongside with the evidence of Kris getting caught in the act. photo 10407340_10153042247823308_5084959914282260563_n_zpsbu4ds68a.jpg

The accidental Bumblebee. @#$% photo 10933714_683160715127941_6576129766822079235_n_zpsgk7gatx3.jpg

 photo 10835183_10153042240093308_5219786833339323959_o_zpsewef7q1v.jpg photo 10900041_10153042240163308_1662170347547788556_o_zps2zx0ja6w.jpg photo 10915118_10153042240213308_8870989621849660116_o_zpsglxmzpgy.jpg

This guy was funny. When I stepped into Sheraton, he came to me asking me to have a picture with him but refused to send me after that. photo 10917175_10153042240273308_8132814314161297053_o_zpssrcmqzxq.jpg photo 10900097_10153042240348308_6312819233347814608_o_zps0u33l41w.jpg

… followed by all the leg-lifting pics! photo 10911519_10153042240483308_4971329800840102553_o_zpsu8yxukfp.jpg photo 10887069_10153042240593308_8430310700230895278_o_zpsopuglscg.jpg photo 10922385_10153042240678308_8049145690582998410_o_zpscciv5lzc.jpg

Hello wine, its been a while.

 photo 10923744_10153042240778308_2710472254608726930_o_zpstxejhkx0.jpg

Always find her very cute. Perhaps, cuter in saree.

 photo 10914855_10153042240928308_8170531964484375427_o_zpsdkbhaefd.jpg

SeowWei, she helps me to kill my stress times! photo 10860979_10153042321668308_1535355608871822537_o_zpshetbg6se.jpg photo 10919034_683159985128014_6621421250717159728_n_zpsgzijoduk.jpg

My accidental lunchmate in crime :) photo 10935822_10153087205919381_1606733968_o_zps6bu7oepf.jpg

Shall we do blueberry cheesecake again soon? photo 1619235_683159951794684_7241336172324536519_n_zpsouwpwgrd.jpg photo 10940592_683160025128010_2265493731989741495_n_zpsgippirex.jpg

… and this would be my most aggressive look of the night! Thanks, Ramesh ;) photo 10941838_683160158461330_2956086875008109108_n_zps2r9ixnot.jpg

These are some of the favourite workmates I have here.

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Because the heart breaks a little every single day.

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Hanoi : The Capital of Vietnam

Early flight and hot choc as the remedy!

 photo IMG_20141220_1_zps9f8a57f3.jpg

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, which many may still think that Ho Chi Minh is the capital. Even though its the capital but the population in Hanoi is lesser compared to Ho Chi Minh. Spent Day 1 to Day 3 in Hanoi, lovely! Arrived at Noi Bai airport which took us approximately 45 minutes to reach the Old Quarters. Checked in at Golden Lake Hotel, located just a stone throw away from Hoan Kiem Lake. We took day 1 slowly, more like a warm up.

First meal of the day. photo IMG_20141220_2_zpsb47e1e9c.jpg

Night street.
 photo IMG-20141222-WA0024_zps4ad3eb6b.jpg

Hoan Kiem Lake! photo IMG-20141222-WA0022_zpsa5ab30ae.jpg photo IMG-20141222-WA0023_zpsd2dc3ac2.jpg photo IMG-20141222-WA0026_zps84b5c787.jpg photo IMG-20141222-WA0025_zpsfa9aaa6f.jpg

Just wanna munch before calling it a night! photo IMG-20141222-WA0028_zpsaacecc38.jpg

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