Spending some cozy time over dinner on a Thursday night and this is how its like at the.twenty.cavan.

Having the.twenty.cavan. as one of the merchants on both the Entertainer Singapore and the Cheers Singapore 2017 apps helps to save a hole your pocket. No, not because the items on the the.twenty.cavan.’s menu is pricey, perhaps, having the Entertainer Singapore and the Cheers Singapore 2017 apps in your phone helps you to save quite a bit.

the.twenty.cavan is a modern cuisine restaurant with strong Chinese influences. Its rustic dining area may be mistaken for a lightbulb showcase because the owners wanted to decorate it in such a way as to acknowledge Jalan Besar’s association with lighting shops.

 photo DSC_0005_zps6g7nzwye.jpg

The night started off wit Garden Green Salad with pan-fried prawns, cashew nuts, fresh berries and green chili dressing ($12), Mushroom Skewers which comprises peppercorn-flavoured Portobello and Shiitake mushrooms ($8), Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab with curry chicken floss ($9) and Quad Seafood ($12) which comprises top shell, scallop, prawn, baby octopus tossed with mint hot bean sauce served with jellyfish. A choice of three starters costs $21 and four starters cost $26.

 photo DSC_0010_zpsqvqy66br.jpg

 photo DSC_0014_zpszijb1gkd.jpgLemon & Ginger and Spicy Mango, made a la minute upon ordering.

the.twenty.cavan offers three 1 for 1 main course Entertainer vouchers. This includes their all-day breakfast items listed on the menu. Do note that premium items, marked with a “P” on their menu, are excluded from this deal.

 photo DSC_0015_zpsc9dhhwfd.jpgRed Rice Braised Pork Ribs with roasted vegetables ($20)

 photo DSC_0026_zpsearoqfmn.jpg

Beverages such as Corona Extra, a Mexican beer,  Asahi (Black, Premium and Dry) ($12 each); two flavours of Hitachino Nest craft beer (Yuzu and Red Rice Ale) ($16 each) are available at the.twenty.cavan but those are not available for redemption on the Cheers app.

 photo DSC_0027_zps2agixikp.jpgOne of the essentials, Free WIFI is available too.

 photo DSC_0029_zpswx5tardz.jpg photo DSC_0035_zpscpdnjfco.jpg photo DSC_0036_zps5r44cqp9.jpgCavan Breakfast of brioche, bacon, pork bratwurst, sautéed button mushrooms, corn kernels and choice of eggs ($18).

 photo DSC_0039_zpsvvgofiqe.jpg

Stir-fried Blueberry Lamb Chop with cous cous ($20). Do note that this is a chef specialty but a premium item that’s not available for redemption on the app.

 photo DSC_0049_zpsxvm4xrsd.jpg photo DSC_0052_zpskz2dcouh.jpg photo DSC_0055_zpsxacbssr4.jpg photo IMG_9261_zps31vs3syp.jpg

Having chardonnay, which is sold by the glass at $20++.  With the entertainer app, it will be:

– 1 for 1 on bottle of house wine
– 1 for 1 on house beverages
– 2 for 2 on house beverages

 photo DSC_0018_zpsrwe0kqre.jpg photo DSC_0020_zpsuxbjhcdy.jpg




20 Cavan Road, Singapore 209851
Tel: +65 6612 6024
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Tues – Sun)

If you still have not known about The Entertainer apps, this app provides you a buy 1 free 1 at selected merchants. The Cheers app is a sister product of the Entertainer Singapore, and features more than 800 Buy One Get One Free offers exclusively redeemable on alcoholic drinks at your favourite restaurants, bars and nightspots. Each app retails at $125 and are available for purchase at

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Chingay Parade Singapore 2017

I got drenched in the last Chingay. Rainy season too this year, but I got the chance to check out the backstage instead.

 photo IMG_8505_zpsxz4s74dd.jpg

Thankful for the great windy evening. photo DSC_0184_zpsnmtkcdne.jpg

The ladies were getting ready for their final rehearsal.
 photo DSC_0191_zpso9srm1dp.jpg photo DSC_0193_zpsi7k9mhim.jpg photo DSC_0195_zpsmsmr4oz7.jpg photo DSC_0232_zps3clklbj5.jpg photo DSC_0262_zpse1dgwpku.jpg photo DSC_0267_zpsxrrj5wa8.jpg photo DSC_0269_zpsoosteewk.jpg photo DSC_0281_zpsx3mxlgik.jpg photo IMG_8519_zpsx2odocht.jpg photo DSC_0204_zpsqjyzw3ti.jpg photo DSC_0221_zpsffstkaio.jpg photo DSC_0224_zpskrtt3aaj.jpg photo DSC_0245_zps8lkoc0ml.jpg photo DSC_0267_zpsxrrj5wa8.jpg photo IMG_8511_zpstt0r0gwp.jpg photo IMG_8506_zpsnhs1kwhr.jpg

Grab your tickets! Don’t miss this out.




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Wong & Sim Dental Surgery – Teeth Whitening


I can’t kick start the day without a cup of coffee in the morning and having said that, that’s how my “gigi kuning“derived. “Gigi kuning”means yellowish teeth in Malay. Its sad how my friend kept teasing me “gigi kuning“each time he sees me.

 photo IMG_4796_zpsewwu1cyb.jpg

So, this is what happened before the idea kicks in to have my set of teeth whitened. I have been wearing my permanent retainers for more than 5 years after I got my braces removed. Yup, I used to wear braces. Lazy bums like me, I’ll opt for permanent retainers, which are glued behind my teeth. One fine day, the glue decided to wear off and I got freakingly panicked having all the ‘what if’ popping in my head. I extracted four beautiful teeth for the sake of orthodontic and I must not have the pain go to waste! Being me, I’m picky in every way and that includes the dentist, which I believe everyone is. Having the service paid I don’t think anyone of us wants to be nag by the dentist for not taking good care of your oral health. My orthodontist was one and … I never see him again after I removed my braces 🙂 Anyway, having that happened to me, the only thing that struck my mind was “Hot Doc”. Haha … what “Hot Doc”? I have this blogger friend long, long time ago, and she is my only dentist friend I can remember that point of time. Without hesitation, I texted her and described to her my situation, throwing  some bimbotic questions at her (no worries, she can take it) and placed my appointment immediately. Being abroad, I need to endure the uneasiness until I return to Penang.  Wong & Sim Dental Surgery fixed it for me and all I can say is they have done a great job! They had eliminated the fear I have for dentist. 😀

Months after I decided to kiss my “gigi kuning“goodbye. Since Wong & Sim Dental Surgery has became my staple go-to dentists, hence, I am back for them to have teeth whitening done.

 photo IMG_4775_zpsypbvf4mz.jpg photo IMG_4778_zpspytwlqnm.jpg

Took me about 2 hours of painless session to complete three cycles of whitening.
 photo IMG_4780_zpsty9hgtmn.jpg

 photo IMG_4783_zpswinecpwb.jpg

… and am super satisfied with the after effect of the teeth whitening.  photo IMG_5609_zpsxtrguqhq.jpg

Need  a dentist? Highly recommend!

WONG & SIM Dental Surgery
Address (2 branches) :
1) Dr Brenda Sim – 277, Jalan Burma, Penang. [Tel: +604-2286818]
2) Dr Kenneth Wong – 110-02-26 Summerton, Persiaran Bayan Indah, Penang. [Tel: +604-3763770]
FB: Wong & Sim Dental Surgery

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Yeo’s 100% Coconut Water Hammock Day Out Event

Another year to Christmas but party is not over! Here is Yeo’s throwing a Hammock Day Out event! I have 5 pairs of passes to be given away.

So block your calendar upfront.

 Date: Jan 7th, 2017
 Time: 4pm-7pm
 Venue: East Coast Park BBQ Pit 30
Here is how:
 1) Like the post on FB
 2) Tag a friend
 3) Tell us why you want to go

Contest ends : December 30th , 2016.

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TGM Japanese Korean Cuisine @ Changi Airport T2 (Departure Hall)

Being mainstream means having fast food before boarding the flight, putting into consideration if you are super late means you are left with no choice but a quick bite.

My honest opinion? Of all places I have travelled to,  I still love Singapore’s Airport, for the variety, clarity of the sign boards, tip-top cleanliness (especially the washrooms) and facilities. How can I not cast my vote for Changi Airport ?!

Having said so, Premium Plaza Group announced the official re-opening of TGM, a brand new JAKO (Japanese Korean cuisine) concept. photo IMG_4993_zpsrrpo2iye.jpg

Catering the place to travellers around the world, TGM offers free wi-fi as well as 3-pin wall plugs for diners to reconnect. Yes, two items which turns into our daily needs, wi-fi and charging spots.

 photo IMG_4995_zpshyrcwwpt.jpg

I was very honoured to be welcomed this way, having a personalised menu. <3 photo IMG_4970_zps2lleu6hi.jpg photo IMG_4971_zpsnjnyfih9.jpg

Quiet and cosy ambiance. Ala carte menu prices starts from $ 6.00. photo DSC_0001_zps6w9ohz3u.jpg

Appetizers to kick things off ; Grilled Oyster with Mentai Mayo, Botan Shrimp, Tuna Otoshi. Love the freshly grilled oyster with mentai mayo.  photo DSC_0005_zps59vmssox.jpg

TGM’s awesome side dishes ; Japanese Kushi Yaki (as assortment of grilled skewers) photo IMG_4977_zpscvg46ypp.jpg

Maki Moriwase (An assortment of Japanese & Korean-style rice rolls).

Here is the uniquely made Beetroot and Crab Meat Mari. photo DSC_0008_zpsatmt4rqe.jpg

New on TGM’s menu, Korean Squid Ink Mari (rice roll in black) photo IMG_4980_zpsfyuiqbjt.jpg

One of the highlights of the new menu, Maki & Mari. photo DSC_0011_zpsyfebfc2n.jpg

Fret not, ample space for your huge luggage bags 🙂 TGM operates with a seating capacity of 120 people. photo DSC_0016_zpss5nt7e1z.jpg

All main course will be served with rice and miso soup and I picked Salmon Butter Yaki; pan-fried salmon cooked with butter yaki sauce. photo IMG_4983_zpsyentyn1j.jpg photo DSC_0024_zpsbzosiky7.jpg

Korean Spicy Noodle ; Korean noodle served in special hot spicy noup topped with kimchi, sausage, luncheon meat, and sliced Kurobuta pork. If you can’t take overly spicy stuff, do drop a remark when you place your order, not too spicy 🙂 photo DSC_0018_zpsyfyzmtsn.jpg

Sashimi Japanese Set ; served with assorted 5 types of fresh sashimi. photo DSC_0022_zpscf2t7fcs.jpg

Ended the great meal with TGM’s Patbingsu ; Korean-style shaved ice topped with sweet red beans, mixed fruits, nata de coco & mixed ice cream and I love the matcha ice cream!

 photo DSC_0025_zpsfuptojkz.jpg

TGM, located on Level 3 in Terminal 2 of Singapore Changi Airport. Its in the Departure Hall. photo IMG_4991_zpswswbt7ye.jpg


TGM Japanese Korean Cuisine

Opening Hours: 6am to 1am daily
For reservation: +65 65461928

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