Plaza Premium Lounge Launch @ Changi International Airport Terminal 1

As a frequent traveler, it annoys me much when I have any of my gadgets on low battery. Similarly, a poor Wi-Fi connections at airports do not help either especially when I have an unexpected flight delay or a long wait for connective flights. Such layovers can be taxing topping up the fact that traveling or being on flight for hours and confined in the departure hall for a longer duration.

 photo DSC_0890_zpsv6bydazo.jpg

All I ask for is a decent Wi-Fi connection and at least a sufficient phone charging stations. At times when its not my day, I’ll end up in some airport which do not even have a designated charging stations. That’s horrendous! As a social media influencer, I am on my phone or gadgets most of the time and the battery life does not last me long. At times, power bank is not sufficient too.

Here’s when Plaza Premium Lounge comes into place, to provide some tender, love and care for travelers. A comfy place for rest and relax, comfort food and a cozy place to chill at the same time to charge your gadgets. Plus, complimentary Wi-Fi too!

Here is some insights of the newly launched Plaza Premium Lounge at Singapore Changi International Airport Terminal 1.

 photo DSC_0894_zpscsa3lrel.jpg

Comfy seats with great view. You will have the luxury view of airplanes landing and taking off.

 photo DSC_0898_zpsfknhrzit.jpg
 photo DSC_0896_zps4irl2ajb.jpg

The coasters in Plaza Premium Lounge are specially designed, with different quotes.

 photo DSC_0930_zpsbqgf6psj.jpg

TO GAIN ENTRY :  Prices starting from SGD $58 per person for five hours which includes a selection of food and beverage options, Wi-Fi and shower facilities.
Bookings can be made online –,
E-mail –, or at reception.

WHAT DO YOU GET? The lounge is equipped with three private resting suites, accommodating one to three persons, offering a quiet enclave for those wanting to catch a quick rest before heading to their next destination; six shower rooms with amenities, providing the perfect solution for travelers who want to freshen up before their onward journey; two VIP rooms to provide privacy for special guests; as well as an exclusive area for massage and nail care services.

  • Massage and nail care services photo DSC_0913_zpsmr0qoavw.jpg photo DSC_0916_zpskhaleo5f.jpg


  • Quiet enclave for those wanting to catch a quick rest before heading to their next destination. photo DSC_0908_zpssqp6i1hq.jpg photo DSC_0910_zpslfdo744p.jpg
  • Three private resting suites photo DSC_0905_zpsh38hhprc.jpg photo DSC_0906_zpsym34plif.jpg
  • Two VIP rooms to provide privacy for special guests photo DSC_0903_zpssf6x4bxp.jpg photo DSC_1001_zps5vikwalj.jpg

Signature Ice Lemon Tea by Plaza Premium Lounge. Complimentary hot and chilled beverages are at guests’ disposal.

 photo DSC_0918_zpswsgguqno.jpg photo DSC_0932_zpspirhv0qo.jpg

There are variety of food available. photo DSC_0922_zpskiqcq6tq.jpg

At Plaza Premium Lounge, the chefs prepare local dishes upon request. Singapore Laksa, classic Singapore Chicken Rice and The Green Market Temaki are among the local signature dishes available. photo DSC_0924_zpsdezfletj.jpg photo DSC_1004_zpsohkkaj0z.jpg

The aroma of home-made chocolate cookies attracted me to pick one! I could have more but I am keeping the space for the fresh sushi rolls served. photo DSC_0901_zpst0i9wcio.jpg

There’s also a separate bar area which serves specialty coffees, juices, beers and wines.  photo DSC_0900_zpsvszverpr.jpg photo DSC_0902_zpswh863cn6.jpg

Freshly prepared from the kitchen. photo DSC_1006_zps8kqyh0xl.jpg

… and I love the ice lemon tea served. MUST TRY! photo 20150630_151408_zpsbs6jiyd5.jpg

Other facilities operated by Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited at Singapore Changi Airport include:

  • The Green Market Express (Departure Transit Lounge, Terminal 1)
  • The Green Market (Departure Transit Lounge, Terminal 2)
  • Wellness Spa, (Departure Transit Lounge, Terminal 2)
  • Airport Meet & Greet service
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AirAsia Free Seats! | Let’s Celebrate Love in New Delhi!

YESSS! You read it right. The AirAsia Free Seats is back. There is 3 million of promo seats out there waiting for you! Book now from 22nd June 2015 till 28th June 2015 and travel between 15th February 2016 till 31st August 2016. A friendly advise is, BUY NOW. Look at me,  I’m stranded this year cuz I didn’t do any advance planning last year. Now, when everyone else is flying to elsewhere for holidays, all I can do is tumpang gembira, “Have fun guys and stay safe!” *bid goodbye* … and no, I don’t earn big bucks nor I’m willing to pay for tickets which are gonna cost me a bomb when I can actually get them at a way lower price, all thanks to Air Asia, everyone must fly just cuz I can’t resist myself from traveling!

 photo AirAsiaFreeSeats_zpstmyonx9c.jpg

Call me a #wanderluster , globe trotting is my mantra and that shall repeat as long as I live! I’m diagnosed to a disease which is not curable, one and only problem I’m facing is I can’t stay put. Exploring cultures, architectures and getting to know people along the way are things I love doing. Be it fortunate or unfortunate, I’m not much of a shopping person but don’t get me wrong, I will still love shopping cuz I’m a woman after all. :)

 Speaking of which, there’s this culture I adore and they celebrate Holi Festival, a colourful spring festival that happens across the country. Everybody gets delighted at the arrival of Holi as the season itself is so gay. That’s when everyone gears in white attire and wait for the magical moment when they will be painted in colourful powder!


It is believe that Holi is celebrated at the approach of vernal equinox, on the Phalguna Purnima (Full Moon). People stock up on colour pigments, food, party drinks and festive seasonal foods such as gujiya, mathri, malpuas and other regional delicacies gearing themselves for the festival!


Spread the love and let’s be merry, welcoming the next Holi Festival in 2016! Grab your FREE SEATS tickets now at!

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The Sound Experts : JBL, Harman Kardon & AKG

Do you know that Jennifer Lopez is the Brand Ambassador for Harman Kardon? Anyways,  I was given a chance to experience the sounds of luxury with JBL, Harman Kardon and AKG. I was left with the WOW effect after the demo by the Andy Tsui, Harman’s Director of Product Planning and Strategy.

That’s Pulse, a wireless sound system with rechargeable battery, Bluetooth® and custom LED light show. Also, its a programmable LED light show in one portable speaker topping up with quality sound. photo DSC_0831_zps9htutabz.jpg

Pretty close to a Songkran festival but no, its not. Its the splash-proof portable speaker. Now, pump up your music and you’ll have the water dancing before you! 😀 photo DSC_0834_zps72etoz4b.jpg

I was swoon by the awesome demo!  photo DSC_0838_zpssgeymwrp.jpg photo DSC_0840_zpshek54jc0.jpg

JBL FLIP II (SGD 179). photo DSC_0841_zpspzhamstd.jpg

JBL Charge II (SGD 279) photo DSC_0842_zps3d4h6qzk.jpg

Guess you can put away that lava lamp in your room and replace it with Pulse (SGD329)! photo DSC_0852_zpspqevrvix.jpg photo DSC_0851_zpsykmmjl2n.jpg photo DSC_0847_zpsqs66uwrx.jpg

AKG is a brand owned by world-class Austrian manufacturer of audio electronics. AKG Y50 is a headphone which has such a bold look with good isolation. I tune in to Spotify, and all I felt was energy in my ears. photo DSC_0887_zpss7drfcgt.jpg photo DSC_0888_zpsdzd8zfod.jpg

AKG delivers powerful and undistorted sound. Love it! No doubt AKG is proud to be the winner of a 2010 Technical GRAMMY® Award!

Trying out N90Q which is slated to be retailing at SGD $2199 (incl. 7% GST). photo IMG_20150623_2_zpsx5e6zi2t.png

The Global Product Line Manager, Maarten Willems, demo the N90Q. I love the feature on N90Q, you can have the headphone accustomed to your ear with just one button. There are two microphones in the headphones, one each in each earpiece, which measure frequencies when the listening device is on and music is being played. This is to deliver the best sound possible, this technology automatically makes adjustments to the sound based on the frequencies that enter each ear. photo DSC_0863_zpsdtmoxfui.jpg

As for Harman Kardon, it brings you to another level of sound. GRAMMY® Award-winning violinist Miri Ben-Ari was named as Harman Kardon’s brand ambassador back in 2013.  Harman Kardon’s designs are sleek and optimized for pristine and natural sound.

 photo DSC_0875_zpsiyywfkj5.jpg

 photo DSC_0874_zpsapbxvqjg.jpg

Head over to the store near you to experience the luxury of sound!




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A Weekend In Jakarta

Taking a stroll in Jakarta at this place known as Kota Tua also known as Batavia Lama (Oud Batavia) at Mangga Dua. I spent my Saturday watching these scenes.

 photo DSC_0101_zpsil0ggadf.jpg photo DSC_0103_zpsdajgerwq.jpg photo DSC_0104_zpsqffae7uj.jpg

Looks like I’m back doing what I’m good at.


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[SINGAPORE]: Pastilla Café

Pastilla Café, a Moroccan café located between Kembangan and Eunos along Changi Road. I was very honoured to meet a passionate and humble chef cum owner of this Moroccan café.

This is the street view of Pastilla Café.  photo 20150614_134617_zpsba2t7qwh.jpg

I love the simple and cozy decor of the café. photo DSC_0767_zpsvskmstf9.jpg photo DSC_0768_zpsmhkpgckd.jpg photo DSC_0770_zps5aa5oxqq.jpg

There ain’t many Moroccan cuisine cafés in town but this is one that I’d recommend. photo DSC_0772_zpsalt1i0qn.jpg

Refreshing lemon juice. photo DSC_0776_zpsz1wsjea9.jpg photo DSC_0779_zpsuhjfmw4x.jpg

Quality ingredients used for North-African lamb sausage. photo DSC_0778_zpswqbmafou.jpg

There is variety of Starters offered by Pastilla Café which Chef Said prepared Moroccan Salad Medley ($10.50), which consists of steamed beetroot, carrots, beans and potatoes with a touch of Moroccan dressing.

 photo DSC_0780_zpsuztpkptu.jpg

Favourite dish, Chicken Tajine ($14.90). Tajine (pronounced as Tajin, originated from North Africa. The traditional tajine pot is made of pottery, which is sometimes painted or glazed. Moroccan tajine dishes are slow-cooked and the cone-shaped lid of the tajine pot traps steam and returns the condensed liquid to the pot which at the same time conserved in the pot.

 photo DSC_0783_zpsl8dtze3w.jpg

Chicken Tajine, cooked with seasonal vegetables, olives and preserved lemons. The combination of the preserved ingredients makes the dish aromatic.

 photo DSC_0790_zpslsqjy9oe.jpg photo DSC_0786_zpsjwnfbyck.jpg

Smooth and tender Meat Ball. photo DSC_0791_zpstzwnhvba.jpg photo DSC_0788_zpsabzyfjpz.jpg

Yummy! photo DSC_0795_zpsugjd7b7w.jpg photo DSC_0798_zpsabglr2nv.jpg

Atay Wal Halawiyat ($10.80), Moroccan mint tea. Highly recommend. Refreshing after a heavy meal. photo DSC_0803_zpsxtgecy8l.jpg photo DSC_0804_zpssy7hwc8u.jpg photo DSC_0813_zpsrsxcxvi0.jpg

Oum Ali ($6.50), I somewhat like the name. Oum Ali is something that I will have for tea or perhaps dropping by at Pastilla Café for dessert. Oum Ali is actually a middle eastern dessert that combines the creaminess of bread butter pudding with cinnamon, nuts and dried fruits stuffing. Something that I highly recommend for dessert.

 photo DSC_0810_zpsrtxy5xjq.jpg

Middle Eastern version of cheese Danish, known as Konafa ($6.50). Its base is a mild stretchy white cheese with a rich topping of fine semolina thread like pastry, soaked in sweet orange blossom water, rose water and sprinkled with pistachio nuts. The process of making Konafa is very tedious. Konafa is very strong which I kinda feel that not every individual is able to accept unless you are someone who enjoys it.

 photo DSC_0817_zpsnlxcwjfd.jpg photo IMG_20150614_3_zpsxlib3yfl.jpg

Pastilla Café (HALAL)
Add: 334 Changi Road, Singapore 419808
Tel: +65 6440 0849

Operating Hours: Tues-Fri 5pm-10.30pm, Sat-Sun 5pm – 11.30pm (Closed on Mondays)

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